Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

It’s less than 7 weeks til the wedding, which basically means my brain wants to collapse into mush. But it’s not allowed, because August is the Month of Final Coordinating Meetings with pretty much every possible vendor. Ok, not every vendor. But just next week, I have 3 wedding-related appointments/meetings. And then my bridal shower that weekend (woo!), so it’s not all bad. It just feels like a lot. Because it is a lot. Mush-brain me is afraid she’s going to forget something. Also, summer is my slow time for business and this is also the month where a lot of the final wedding bills come due and let’s just say that’s a bit of a source of stress. I need a massage, but that costs money, too. Ha! I am still super excited and happy to be marrying Ian, but I’m also starting to understand what people mean when they say they were glad when the wedding was over.

Ok, enough whining. What’s new in your world?