Taking Stock

Sienna reluctant to leave her cushy bed. Possibly her favorite birthday present ever.

Sienna reluctant to leave her cushy bed. Possibly her favorite birthday present ever.

Taking a page from Pip’s book and using this list to do a life snapshot.

Making: myself take deep breaths and consciously relax my tense muscles.
Cooking: nothing. No energy for cooking. We are living in a frozen food or fast food land right now.
Drinking: My usual morning French vanilla cappuccino.
Reading: the various news email subscriptions I get.
Wanting: to go back to sleep. I wasn’t ready for Monday.
Looking: at my planner and my Trello boards, and kind of panicking at how full they are.
Playing: lately I’ve been playing the Talos Principle via Steam, and I quite like it. Puzzle games are my jam. Guaranteed to distract me/get my head wrapped around something else for awhile.
Deciding: So many things. All the wedding and honeymoon things. All the new-business-after-name-change things.
Wishing: my dream client existed (creative work, fun brand, interesting product/service, huge budget, prefers freelancer to agency).
Enjoying: the quiet around the house while Sienna spends the day at PetSmart.
Waiting: to get my headshots by Chelsea back. We had a fun mini session on Saturday, and I’m excited to see how they turned out!
Liking: home-made fudge topping on ice cream.
Wondering: if stress/anxiety can actually cause seriously sensitive skin.
Loving: what we ended up doing for our 6-year anniversary yesterday. We did dim sum for lunch, then went to a local vineyard for a wine tasting, and then just hung out together at home.
Pondering: ways to drum up more business, in this my slow season.
Considering: the wording for all of my business website pages.
Watching: Homeland with the boy, and Charmed on my own.
Hoping: for more people to RSVP to the wedding! We’re at a 45% response rate so far.
Marvelling: at how quickly time is flying. The wedding is 6 weeks from yesterday. !!!
Needing: like a week vacation where I can just sleep and read and Netflix and nothing else.
Smelling: Nothing right now. Just normal house smell.
Wearing: jeans and a black tee and silver necklace.
Following: interesting people on Twitter.
Noticing: the weather forecast for the week and holy crap it’s supposed to be 105 today and tomorrow. !!!
Knowing: I’m probably overthinking or overreacting to wedding-related things but I can’t help it. At this point I’m just stressed and there have already been so many things I had to change, any more changes/things going wrong sets me off.
Thinking: we should have eloped. Kidding. Sort of.
Admiring: people who do event planning for a living. Very high pressure/stressful a job, I don’t know how they do it.
Sorting: all of the wedding stuff for the crap ton of appointments I have this week, for what needs to get dropped off where.
Buying: a shorter leash for Sienna, and some cardstock for wedding programs.
Getting: our tickets printed for our traditional anniversary baseball game date tomorrow (closest home game date to our actual anniversary).
Bookmarking: things for Tuesday Treasure Trove tomorrow.
Disliking: how the stress of the wedding is overshadowing my excitement about getting married. Because I am still very happy to be marrying Ian.
Opening: new browser windows, all the time.
Giggling: over inside jokes/commentary with Ian after our wine tasting yesterday was fun. 🙂
Feeling: tired but determined.


How are you doing lately?


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