Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Today marks the start of September. Which, among other things, means I get married THIS MONTH. !!!! Actually, most everything is taken care of by now. August was NUTS, but productive, so now I can [try to] relax for the next very few weeks before the big day. The shops are going into vacation mode today, and I’m going to schedule a few book reviews, but otherwise this blog will probably also go quiet for a few weeks. Have no fear, though! There will be an explosion of picture posts when the wedding and honeymoon have passed.

Speaking of honeymoon, for some of our time we’ll be staying in Airbnb rentals. Neither the boy nor I have ever used Airbnb before, so we’ll see how this go. But what better way to get a bit of European charm on vacation than by staying in an actual home? We picked places that had good pictures, good locations, and good host reviews, so fingers crossed!

Now to go hunt down those last pesky RSVPs.

What will you be up to in September?


  1. Aaaaaah! Wedding month!!!! We did Airbnb when we were in Paris and it was awesome. So much cheaper than a hotel and I liked that we could just go to the markets for some of our food. Where are you honeymooning?

    That salad article gives me the sads. I love crunchy, light vegetables.

    1. We are spending two weeks in Italy and France: Rome, Florence, Venice, Nice and Paris. I am SUPER excited about it! And some of the Airbnb hosts have already been in touch for details, so that’s nicely reassuring.

      I am sorry the article gave you the sads. I have long been anti-lettuce, so I had the opposite reaction. 😀