Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

I learned to bake yeast-based bread this weekend, and it might have been a life-changing experience. I can make Italian herb focaccia bread from scratch, guys, and it’s DELICIOUS! I also learned to make classic dinner rolls, but we froze that dough to use on Thanksgiving, so I don’t actually know how those turned out yet. That focaccia bread, though… man. It might be worth it to buy a stand mixer just so I can make that every day. Serious noms.

I’ve also started my Christmas shopping, so yay that. I hate doing that last minute, so usually start in Oct/Nov. I sent out my wishlist to fam, too, so they can take advantage of any Black Friday sales, because I’m considerate like that. 😀

Other than that, it’s actually been colder here recently. We even had freezing temps last night. Our brief Texas autumn is quickly turning into Texas winter.

What’s your favorite from-scratch thing to make? Any big plans for T-day?