Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Not too much this week. New Years happened, in a low key way. A long weekend was had, the Christmas tree came down. My shop went into vacation mode while I figure some stuff out for it. Regular work started back up again today. I don’t generally put much stock in the New Year hype, but I do feel a renewed productive urge, so maybe there’s something to it. Or maybe it’s just that we got some sunshine instead of grey rainy weather finally. I’m more and more convinced that I have the winter version of seasonal affective disorder. I can handle sunny and cold, even if I don’t like the cold. But when it’s cold AND grey AND rainy? Forget about it. I’m going to be a sleepy sloth thing homebody huddled in blankets on the couch.

How has your 2016 kicked off? Do you get the winter slumps too?


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    Is it my imagination or is #9 missing? 🙂