Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

That there is a List. I’m not going to add too much in the way of commentary, as I’m sure your eyes are tired if you made it through all of those above. Not too much to add anyway- good weekend, business is good, things overall good.

Instead, I’ll end with a seemingly-random question:
If you were to host a St. Patrick’s Day brunch, what food would you serve that fit that theme?

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  1. I read the article about smiling at men who sexually harass us, and then I made my husband read it, too. When I was doing radio back in college, there was a guy who would call into the studio every. single. time. I was on the air and he’d ask what color underwear I had on. I learned the hard way that it was easier to just tell him, because on the days I tried to deflect or hang up, he would just keep calling. And calling. I had to just deal with him because our ancient phone system didn’t have caller ID and we had no way of blocking him. So yeah, I “smiled” but what else was I supposed to do? It was awful.

    1. That is awful! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. 🙁

      I think a lot of times men don’t understand that we’re just trying to keep things from escalating and get the experience over with as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means smiling or going along. And yes, it’s icky and uncomfortable, but better than things turning violent.