Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Our last few weekends here have been pretty quiet. House stuff, hanging out, maybe seeing a movie. It’s been nice. But it also means I haven’t had too much to report here.

Probably the biggest news is that I’m now capable of curling my hair. I got my hair cut the other week, and while in the salon I saw on their shelves this magical thing called a curl machine. Has this been a Thing for awhile and none of you told me? The lady at the desk highly recommended it. I have always been horrible at wielding things like curling irons or curling wands or flat irons (I have tried all 3). So I was skeptical that this would just go the way of those. But this thing is AMAZING. Hair-challenged me can use it easily, and it WORKS, and it’s quick. I love it. This is the one I ended up getting, for those curious. And if you live in Austin, expect to see me sporting some curls occasionally.

What’s new in your world?

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