Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

This weekend was full of good food (which is really what any holiday is about in this house). We did fresh pasta with a homemade alfredo sauce and parmesan chicken one night. We did lamb-stuffed zucchini over a lentil-veggie stew yesterday (thanks HelloFresh!). And we tried a new healthy fast food place for lunch that was happily both fresh and delicious. Of course, some Easter candy was thrown in throughout the weekend for good measure. All in all, a good eats weekend.

And… that’s about all. Ha. It was definitely a chill/lazy weekend. Though I did write some blog posts, and work on some of my self-driven design projects. We’re still pacing ourselves through Daredevil season 2, too. But seeing as next weekend is going to be crazy, a slow, low-key weekend was exactly what we needed.

How was your Easter weekend? What’s the best meal you’ve had recently?

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