Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

It was a hectic last couple of days, so apologies for the scanter than usual list. But, still some good stuff up there!

Things that happened recently: first time mentoring, first time in a baby stuff store (for GIFTS, not myself), first time being solicited to speak to a group as a professional (which will be happening in JULY which is CRAZY). Plus cookery and work stuff and hanging with the hubs and pup. Oh, and updating my Etsy shops for the new layout and officially saying goodbye to all of the OOAK shirts that had been laying around. The screenprinting shop is solely a choose-your-size set up now, no more one-offs.

In other words, I’ve been busy. But it’s mostly been a good busy, so all’s well.

How was your weekend? Low-key or crazy full?

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