Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Let’s see, what’s new? The hubs had a birthday, whereupon we ate lots of Brazilian steak and he enjoyed his new Moscow mule mugs. I also hosted a small ladies-only brunch that was super fun. Girls-only time is underrated, lots of good conversation. Plus I tried out two new recipes from Pinterest that were quite the success.

Other than that, I’m in planning mode. For my sister’s baby shower, for my business’ 10-year celebration, for vacation later this summer. They really need to have an emoji for the evil plotting hand gesture. We got a taco one, now we need that. 🌮

What emoji do you think we need? What’s going on in your life lately?

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  1. The ‘evil hand plotting gesture’ would definitely come in handy. That, and a ‘nauseated’ emoji. And I’m so bummed to have missed ladies’ brunch! 🙁