Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Last week was a busy one. I had to deal with my bank’s fraud department (everything is fine) and the post office’s bureaucracy (still unresolved). I had a snake dive-bomb my head in my own garage, and a stomach incident of near-food-poisoning levels of not fun. But then I also got a haircut, saw a good movie with a good friend, crafted with the book club ladies, and successfully mastered cupcakes (and frosting!) from scratch. So it’s definitely not all woe is me over here.

This week’s gearing up to be just as busy. I have a bon voyage dinner for a friend, a ladies night out, a brush lettering workshop, and am trying out a new Pilates place that recently opened near me.

All this to say that the week after that, I’m going to pretty much do nothing, because I’ll be pooped from these two weeks.

How about you? Busy bee or happy homebody lately?

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