Taking Stock

Taking a page from Pip’s book and using this list to do a life snapshot.

I don’t have any fun pictures to intro this, so we’re just going to jump right into the list:

Making: cupcakes in the morning!
Cooking: Nothing at the moment, but I made this for my mom and sisters earlier.
Drinking: water.
Reading: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.
Wanting: to go to sleep.
Looking: at my laptop screen. Yes, I have a working laptop now!
Playing: with my sister’s dog Suri, lately.
Deciding: what to do about a certain situation with a client.
Wishing: that I could just make things that people would then buy, instead of having to work for clients.
Enjoying: being near the lake here in SC.
Waiting: for my sister’s A/C to be fixed.
Liking: going giddy over baby stuff with my mom and preggers sister.
Wondering: if I will rock the drive back home like I did on the way out here. Driving powerhouse!
Loving: my sister’s baby bump.
Pondering: why some people are the way they are.
Considering: business direction things, always.
Watching: lots of HGTV lately.
Hoping: the baby shower is a hit this weekend.
Marvelling: at how tiny newborn clothes are.
Needing: to write some blog posts for next week.
Smelling: nothing, really? Normal indoors house smell.
Wearing: PJs.
Following: Google Maps a lot in the last week.
Noticing: that I have a scratch on my leg from playing with the dog.
Knowing: that I still have some heavy life and biz thinking to do this year.
Thinking: that I am awesome at wrapping presents.
Admiring: the gas mileage on my car. This roadtrip really put the new car through its paces, and it did awesome.
Sorting: all of the nephew-to-be’s baby clothes by size/age! SO cute.
Buying: some crafty stuff for the baby shower.
Getting: tired earlier in the evening since I’ve been here.
Bookmarking: stuff for next week’s Tuesday Treasure Trove.
Disliking: how easily one client email can stress me out.
Opening: lots of new browser tabs.
Giggling: during time with my mom and sister.
Feeling: pretty good right now, tiny bit of stress, and very sleepy.


How are you doing lately?


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