Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

I had 2 weeks worth of links stored up to share with you, so have at you! I am back in Texas, and back to the usual grind of things.

Not fun things: Sienna suddenly developed a limp over the weekend, and while meds are helping, the vet thinks it is the start of hip dysplasia, so that will take some close monitoring for the next few weeks/months. It also puts a kibosh on our 4th of July plans, as she has to be kept rested and calm for at least 2 weeks. We’d hoped to take her out hiking at Enchanted Rock for her birthday (which is the actual 4th), but looks like we’ll just have to figure out a non-action-packed way to spoil her instead.

More fun things: I’m hitting my 10 year mark in being a full-time freelancer this weekend, and am throwing myself a shindig. So that should be fun. Also, getting to see my sister and her baby bump, and help her set up her nursery was SUPER FUN and full of All Things Baby, so I have a pretty good dopamine cache just from that.

How about you? What’s been shaking in your world the past 2 weeks? Any fun 4th of July plans for you US folks?

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