Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Things that happened this weekend: saw the new Tarzan movie, pleasantly surprised by it; tried out Wu Chow for dim sum, which we enjoyed immensely; Sienna finished her meds for limping and then promptly chased a squirrel and got her paw stuck in the fence. 🙄 Not cut or broken, and no more limping, luckily. It was a little swollen, but with some ice it’s fine now. That pup, though! High maintenance.

I also got some quality time with two good lady friends (hi Liz and Jamie! in the last few days, which is always a good thing.

This week has in store some Pilates, an online workshop, sending off a friend who’s moving to Chicago, and Family Day at Samsung, which basically means I get to wear that geeky lab suit and get a photo with Ian again.

What’s in store for you this week? Full summer or lazy one?

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