Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Today is the SEVEN YEAR anniversary of the day Ian and I met. That is a long time. And awesome. Per usual, we’ll marking the occasion by attending a baseball game (read why). It’s going to be 100+ degrees out, so, you know… fun times. But damned if we’re going to break with tradition now!

In other news, I gave a presentation about book cover design to a group of local indie authors this past weekend. I didn’t collapse from nervousness or flub it, so I’m considering it a win. Also, I dragged my friend Jackie to Pilates with me, and she liked it and is now my workout buddy, and suddenly I’m a person who goes to fitness classes 3x per week? Not a place I ever thought I’d be, but it’s a good thing.

Next week TTT will be scheduled and coming at you from Kentucky, as me and the hubs are going to visit his parents. On a farm. In the middle of Amish country. Said parents are not themselves Amish and have internet, so all will be well. We’re taking Sienna, and she’ll get to frolic like a farm dog and meet some neighborhood horses and such. Should be good times!

What have you got coming up this week? Any last vacations before summer comes to a close?

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