Book Review: Results May Vary

Results May Vary

by Bethany Chase.

results may vary cover What if you found out that your husband, than man you’ve loved and been with for 16 years, had an affair- with another man? That’s exactly how this book opens, as Caroline discovers there are sides and secrets to her husband that she never imagined. Her relationship with Adam has been the pillar of her life, since they were high school sweethearts. Understandably, this breach of trust and the realization that maybe she doesn’t really know her husband implodes her world. She has to navigate this new uncertain ground, and figure out what it means for her marriage- and whether there still is a marriage. In the midst of more secrets coming to light, some new romantic interests, and the normal hub-bub of family and life, she has to decide which direction her future will go.

This was a good read, I enjoyed it. It read quickly, the pace was great. Events flowed naturally, nothing really felt forced. Caroline as the narrator is engaging and really makes you feel for her and laugh with her. It was a refreshing surprise that the romance plot did not go the direction that I expected. And overall, it’s just a very well-done look at how someone can deal with such a crushing situation with grace, while still feeling realistic.

My few small critique points are A) I didn’t really see the point of the work-related subplot that pops up, other than as an excuse for Caroline to interact with a certain other character. B) I felt like the gay characters were a bit stereotyped. Like the author thought ‘oh, this guy is gay – let’s make him a theater geek in high school!’ In fact, of the three gay men in the book, two are in theater together in high school, and the other is an artist specializing in explicit pieces. That just felt a little… easy, and overdone. C) Everyone in this book has a Very Interesting Job. Nobody is just a waitress or an accountant or a file clerk. It makes the whole social circle in the book feel a little unreal. But this is something that hit me afterwards, not during reading, so a minor point.

Those are all nitpicky things, though. Overall, I still really enjoyed this book. If you’re looking for a contemporary, finding-yourself type romance, give this a try.

I give it 4/5 stars.

I received an advanced reading copy (ARC) of this book from Penguin Random House First Reads in exchange for an honest review.

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Results May Vary


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