Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

Whew, that’s a big list for you. But since I missed last week’s TTT, I had double the links saved.

We spent last week in rural Kentucky visiting my in-laws on their new bit of farmland. There were lots of good eats, but not as much free time or privacy as I’d hoped for, so I wasn’t able to get last week’s post done. We also discovered something important: Sienna is emphatically a city dog. She did NOT approve of country life’s abundance of strange animals and their accompanying noises. Kitties? A threat. Rooster? Nemesis. Cows? Dangerous things to be growled at from a distance. Poor thing was on high alert the whole week, when not worn down from the in-laws’ 7-month-old puppy. Next time she’ll stay at doggy day camp boarding in Austin, and probably be much happier for it.

Are you city or country at heart?

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