Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

This past weekend I ventured (along with my good friend Jackie) into the world of freezer meal prepping. For those not familiar, it’s a kind of meal planning where you make a bunch of freezer-friendly meals all at once in advance, and then you have a freezer stocked full of yumminess for those occasions when you just don’t have time or energy to grocery shop or cook or what have you. My sister, who is about to have newborn, is a big proponent of this, and spurred me to give it a try myself. I roped my friend Jackie into it for extra motivation (she is my workout buddy, too – ensures I’ll actually follow through!).

We may have been a little over-ambitious. We decided to try 8 meals plus cookie dough. And keep in mind that was all double batches, so that we both had one of each to take home. 😳 (I can hear some of you experienced freezer preppers clucking your tongues). I’m happy to report that we did, indeed, get it all done. But it pretty much took all day once you add in the grocery shopping we had to do beforehand. OK, not ALL day, but like 6 hours. Though I’m sure a portion of that was beginner inefficiency, too.

Long story short: next time it’ll be a much shorter recipe list. But for now my freezer is full of awesome.

What did you get up to this past weekend? Any freezer-friendly meals you want to share?

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