32 Before 32 Goals Recap

32 Before 32 Birthday Goals Recap

Today is my birthday! I have, somehow, reached the age of 32 intact. I make myself a list of goals I want to accomplish before next year’s birthday each year. This is what I set for myself last year at this time. Let’s see how I did:

  1. Go to a design conference. Nope, did not make it to a design-specific conference this year. But I bought my tickets to HOW Design Live for next year, so it is happening! Also attended a freelance conference, and two business-y conferences.
  2. Staycation or vacation with Ian. Yes! We went to New Orleans for a week, and it was amazing. Relaxing and fun and good food and just a much needed break.
  3. Apply for a booth at Austin Comic Con for my screen printing shop. Nope. The shop really got put on backburner this year while I worked on my design business.
  4. Redesign this blog. Good ol’ DD got a web refresh in June.
  5. Open a retirement account. Sigh. Nope. I’m bad at this.
  6. Get my credit cards back below 50% used. Yes! Achieved. Even got down to 0% earlier this year, briefly.
  7. Go through my screen printing shop and de-list things I no longer like or want to do. The shop did take a backburner, but I kept up the things I most liked or already had done, and it was a much smaller selection.
  8. Figure out what I want to do with art prints, since the lokta paper packs I relied on for supply are no longer readily available. Nope, did not make a decision on this.
  9. Re-plant the front flower beds and back porch pots. Hrm, nope. Kept meaning to get to this…
  10. Get to see my baby sister in person. I didn’t this past year, but she’s been invited to TX for Thanksgiving, so we’ll see?
  11. Celebrate big time when we get word my mom is cancer free post-radiation. YES! This was one of two big awesome news items this year (the other being my nephew).
  12. Do a heavy-duty clean out of my office: desk and shelves and closet. Again, sort of, but not completely.
  13. Learn how to use a quill pen. I actually forgot this was on my list.
  14. Design a calendar. I designed a page for March for a calendar by a local designers collective (available soon), and that sparked an idea for my own full calendar, which is in the works. So, partway!
  15. Re-shoot the art prints. I did not re-shoot them, but I did find a mockup editor that I really like, and the shop listings look swank now.
  16. Print & list some greeting cards in the shop. Nope, did not happen.
  17. Order & hang wedding photo prints, and wedding guest ‘book’. Yes, this got done!
  18. Go through my bookshelves and clean out what I don’t want to keep. I did one round of this, could stand to do quite a few more.
  19. Get rid of/sell excess wedding decor and stuff. Yes, did this! Craigslist was my friend.
  20. Gain 12 new bundle clients for Studio Guerassio. Specifically bundle clients? Nope.
  21. Submit a design to Recovering the Classics. I’m still eyeing this one, but did not submit.
  22. Submit an entry to Austin Art Boards. Couldn’t think of an idea I wanted to do for this, but still on my radar for next year.
  23. Submit a design to Cotton Bureau. I submitted two, but neither were accepted.
  24. Learn to bake bread. Yes! I took a class, and learned to make focaccia bread and dinner rolls.
  25. Wear my BetterBack 15 minutes each work day. I did this for about a month, but then kind of forgot about it.
  26. Buy/otherwise legally obtain a laptop or some portable way to work. Yes! Bought a new laptop back in May, love it.
  27. Have an awesome 1 year wedding anniversary! Our New Orleans trip was kind of a week-early wedding anniversary celebration, so yes, definitely awesome.
  28. Double the number of listings in the digital shop. Nope. Again, shops=backburner.
  29. Read 6 of the business books on my TBR pile. I really meant to do this. I read one, at least.
  30. Work out at least 1x per week. Actually kicking ass at this, doing Pilates classes 3x per week.
  31. Learn how to curl my hair well/quickly. Bought a curl machine, problem magically solved. Seriously, this thing is awesome.
  32. Reach 1000 followers on my Twitter account for Studio Guerassio. Nope. Currently sitting at 650.

That’s 14 complete, 9 partially complete, and 9 incomplete – which is actually a LOT better than I thought I was going to do this year!

Extra goals I accomplished that weren’t originally on the list:

  • Throw my sister a baby shower
  • Visit my in-laws on their new farm
  • Do a freezer meal prep session for the first time
  • Do a paid public speaking gig (what!)
  • Throw a 10 year anniversary party for my freelance business
  • Submitted to several Minted design challenges
  • Learn to dye with indigo
  • Get checked for skin cancer (all clear, though I had to have biopsies done)

So, overall, it’s been a full, productive year! And much less stressful overall than last year. Stay tuned tomorrow for my new list of goals for this coming year! I’m off to have tasty brunch with friends, and an evening of fine dining with the hubs. (I’m very food-centric in my celebrations)

Do you do a yearly goals list? How’s your track record with it?



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