33 Before 33

33 Before 33

As promised, here is my list of things I want to accomplish before my next birthday! Take a look:

  1. Finish the restructuring of my design site. Been working on this a little while, would like to finish it up and launch sooner rather than later.
  2. Finish designing a calendar, and publish it. I’m actually working on it this week & in Nov.
  3. Submit a book cover design to Recovering the Classics. Moving from last year’s list to this one.
  4. Bond with my nephew. I get to meet him next week!
  5. Make 6 quality connections from conferences in the next year. I have 2 conferences on the books right now, so this seems doable. Quality over quantity, yeah?
  6. Have a vacation or staycation with Ian.
  7. Get new flooring in the kitchen. First: talk Ian into it.
  8. Revive the Dragonflight Dreams shop. Pay more attention to it this coming year.
  9. Go on a picture-taking walk once a month. I feel that my camera has been neglected.
  10. Try 1 new restaurant each month. I did this a few years back and it was fun.
  11. Read 4 business books.
  12. Launch a new series about menu design over on my design blog.
  13. Gain 12 new design clients (1/month).
  14. Purge my clothes closet.
  15. Purge my office/crafting closet.
  16. Land book cover work with a publisher.
  17. Learn how to do baby-related things. Change a diaper, swaddle, wear that wrap thing, etc. Nephew will be good for this.
  18. Get pregnant. Yup, I’m just going to sneak that in the middle here.
  19. Do 1 freezer prep session every month or 2 months.
  20. Get a water softener installed. First: See where it would fit.
  21. Repair the flower bed wall and trim our jasmine vines.
  22. Stay consistent with working out– (2x or 3x per week).
  23. Indulge in a mega pampering session: massage, facial, mani-pedi.
  24. Get through my NetGalley backlog.
  25. Explore how I can use my Silhouette machine for the shop. Particularly with making screens.
  26. Set up two lady coffee events per month – one more business-oriented, one more chill.
  27. Figure out a newsletter plan for design biz.
  28. Go to 4 AIGA events.
  29. Open a retirement account. Let’s see if I can knock this out this year.
  30. Be more consistent on Instagram – 1x per week.
  31. Practice hand lettering/brush lettering.
  32. Finish a Skillshare course.
  33. Hand make Valentines cards for 2017.

Ambitious but doable? Here’s hoping. I really think after this point, I’m just going to have to pick an arbitrary number of goals and use that instead. This is getting long.


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