Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

It has been a long week. I’ve love getting to spend time with my sisters and nephew. But sleep has been in short supply, and I miss my own bed and husband and dog. I’ll be heading home in a few days, and am hoping I’m not too worn out to do it in one go as planned. We shall see. Though I will also be driving my newly-scratched car, thanks to a hit-and-run at the grocery store while I was inside shopping. They did not leave a note, just 2-foot long, deep scratches on the back corner of my car. 😡 Yeah, not thilled. So I’ll have to deal with that once I get home.

Also, of course, today is a big day for our country. I’m going to be mostly avoiding online things and the news today, until the final results are in. Too much anxiety otherwise. I may need to go buy coping cake.

What’s your plan for weathering election night?

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