Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

I successfully made baked donuts over the weekend – two different kinds, complete with their own glazes/frostings – and now I might be embarking on a love affair with the baked goods. They were delicious and I find myself wanting to try out other flavors and tweak things.

But more than that, I’m counting down the days, because by this time next week the hubs and I will be in Charleston, where resides our adorably squishy nephew (ok and two of my sisters and their boyfriends, and my mom and uncle are also coming down). Baby cuddles are the best and I fully plan on having to fight my mom for some cuddle time. Though Ian has never held a baby before (!!!) so it’ll also be verrry interesting to see how that goes. 😀 Plus, you know, all of the Christmas festivities.

Are you headed anywhere for Christmas?

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