Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

It’s the last TTT of the year! I think this was a good sampling. That final link is an especially good one, for those who found 2016 a trial.

We are back in town after spending a week with my family in Charleston. There were many nephew snuggles, laughs and good meals. Ian has officially held, fed, burped and played with a baby, though I could not convince him to try changing a diaper. 😀 I’ve got some new crafty toys to play with this coming year, and some new cookbooks to check out. Maybe I’ll even get back to posting recipes here on DD. You never know! I also hit my 2016 reading goal of 110 books, so yay for that! I’ll have to think about next year’s goal.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a fun and safe New Years this coming weekend. I’ll see you all in 2017!

What do you hope for in 2017?

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