Yes, you read that right. Tuesday Treasure Trove is coming to an end. At least for now. I’ll be honest, the last few weeks have seen me seriously reduce the amount of time I’m spending reading news sites or on social media, simply because all of the news out of Washington makes me angry. Like, really angry, anxiety-inducing angry. Since those are my two big sources of the articles and tidbits I share with you for TTT, I honestly just don’t have anything left to share once you take those away. So, at least for the moment, Tuesday Treasure Trove is going away. I reserve the right to bring it back in the future, but don’t have any solid plans to do so at the moment. I’ll play it by feel.

If you find yourself in need of some news, fun facts and snark, I have two suggestions to hold you over in the meantime:

The Skimm, a Monday-Friday daily newsletter that keeps you up to date on world news. Mostly-neutral reporting, but with a good dose of slang and snark to keep it fun.

NextDraft, also a Monday-Friday daily newsletter. Dave Pell curates the internet not only for important recent news, but also weird news, random tidbits, and witty asides. Definitely leans liberal, but then so has TTT.

You can still count on this blog for weekly bookish posts, the occasional life post, and maybe I’ll even bring recipe posts back (I’ve been meaning to for awhile). I hope I’ll still see you around.