29 Before 29

The latest rendition of my annual list of goals to accomplish before my next birthday, which will be October 23, 2013.

  1. Take a vacation with just Ian, no other friends or family.
  2. Reach 150 items in my shop inventory.
  3. Go through my old old old poetry archives and re-work at least 30 poems to no-longer-embarassing status.
  4. Bake/cook something requiring ramekins.
  5. Improve sewing skills by creating 5 new clothing items.
  6. Participate in NaNoWriMo and “win.”
  7. Learn more about jewelry construction.
  8. Get to see my little sister.
  9. Paint the walls in at least one room a color other than the current boring off-white everywhere.
  10. Pay down my credit cards to below 40%.
  11. Stick to a strict monthly budget for unessential shopping.
  12. Create at least 10 typographic digital prints for the shop.
  13. Stay consistent with my workout regimen.
  14. See/attend one of each of the following: play, concert, comedian, and festival.
  15. Learn how to do food canning.
  16. Learn how to apply make-up correctly, even though I don’t plan on wearing it every day/full-face. It’d be nice to now *how* for special occasions.
  17. Go to the beach with Sienna.
  18. Actually read the manual for my camera.
  19. Create one new design for screenprinting each month (so, 12 total).
  20. Create a few pre-made blog designs for general sale.
  21. Advertise on one new blog a month.
  22. Open a retirement account.
  23. Bake & decorate a tiered cake.
  24. Discover/invent a new alcoholic drink that is based on cream soda as a mixer.
  25. Take a cooking class with Ian.
  26. Save up and get the months-long treatment plan my chiropractor recommended.
  27. Find people/friends who can model the other sizes of shirts in my shop that don’t fit me so I can get product photos of everything on actual people.
  28. Try to stock the pantry and freezer with basic mixes and sauces for easy use.
  29. Learn to drive stick shift.