30 Before 30

30 Before 30

The latest rendition of my annual list of goals to accomplish before my next birthday, which will be October 23, 2014.

  1. Host 6 brunch gatherings.
  2. Make jam and/or flavored butter and/or applesauce from scratch.
  3. Pay off debt!
  4. Paint at least 2 rooms in the house.
  5. Reach 100 sales in my shop.
  6. Be completely moved to made-to-order items in the shop, rather than one-offs.
  7. Start saving for a deposit on a new car.
  8. Take a garment sewing class.
  9. Complete alterations on 12 items of clothing.
  10. Do a photo shoot with models for shop items.
  11. Compete in the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge again.
  12. Consistently work out twice a week minimum.
  13. Find the perfect recipe for empanada dough and master it.
  14. Go on a vacation with just Ian.
  15. Get a 50mm/1.4f lens for my camera.
  16. Try out Supper Friends, Eden East or Restaurant Jezebel for a unique dining experience.
  17. Launch a digital prints section in my shop.
  18. Launch a blog templates section in my shop.
  19. Open a retirement account.
  20. Learn to drive stick shift.
  21. Create 1 new screen design per month.
  22. Try out other methods of screen-making.
  23. Get 5 new freelance clients on retainer.
  24. Design a freebie to go out with shop orders.
  25. Do a cool mailer promo for my freelance business.
  26. Go to 6 networking events.
  27. Visit a foreign country.
  28. Volunteer at the library.
  29. Figure out how to do hair stuff (braid my own hair, curl my own hair).
  30. Find & learn some contemporary classical piano music.


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