32 Before 32

32 Before 32

The latest rendition of my annual goals list, to be accomplished before my next birthday (October 23, 2016).

  1. Go to a design conference.
  2. Staycation or vacation with Ian.
  3. Apply for a booth at Austin Comic Con for my screen printing shop.
  4. Redesign the blog.
  5. Open a retirement account.
  6. Get my credit cards back below 50% used.
  7. Go through my screen printing shop and de-list things I no longer like or want to do.
  8. Figure out what I want to do with art prints, since the lokta paper packs I relied on for supply are no longer readily available.
  9. Re-plant the front flower beds and back porch pots.
  10. Get to see my baby sister in person.
  11. Celebrate big time when we get word my mom is cancer free post-radiation.
  12. Do a heavy-duty clean out of my office: desk and shelves and closet.
  13. Learn how to use a quill pen.
  14. Design a calendar.
  15. Re-shoot the art prints that I’m keeping with the new lightbox setup from the Kickstart I backed.
  16. Print & list some greeting cards in the shop.
  17. Order & hang wedding photo prints, and wedding guest ‘book’.
  18. Go through my bookshelves and clean out what I don’t want to keep.
  19. Get rid of/sell excess wedding decor and stuff.
  20. Gain 12 new bundle clients for Studio Guerassio.
  21. Submit a design to Recovering the Classics.
  22. Submit an entry to Austin Art Boards.
  23. Submit a design to Cotton Bureau.
  24. Learn to bake bread.
  25. Wear my BetterBack 15 minutes each work day.
  26. Buy/otherwise legally obtain a laptop or some portable way to work.
  27. Have an awesome 1 year wedding anniversary.
  28. Double the number of listings in the digital shop.
  29. Read 6 of the business books on my TBR pile.
  30. Work out at least 1x per week.
  31. Learn how to curl my hair well/quickly.
  32. Reach 1000 followers on my Twitter account for Studio Guerassio.


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