Birthday Flowers

So, I turned 27 yesterday. Honestly, I don’t feel any different (do we ever, on a birthday?) and it was kind of a non-event because of the madness of the preceding few days. My mom was in visiting and we were caught up in traveling down to Lackland AFB and back at ungodly hours Thu–Sat for my sister’s Basic graduation; it was worth it, as she completely kicked ass, but tiring nonetheless. Added to that, my boyfriend left for Korea for a month for work, exactly a day before my birthday (thanks, Samsung HR! 🙁 ). So, after I dropped my mom off at the airport yesterday, I basically just vegged out. Watched some tv, finished a book and started another one, cuddled with the puppy, etc. After three straight days of getting up at 4 or 5am, lots of driving, and lots of walking (ouch), I didn’t have the energy for anything else. But is was good and relaxing, and I did buy myself some flowers before the madness started, so they’d be in bloom by my birthday. Overall, a day of doing nothing was exactly what I needed. And once I’m fully recovered and caught back up on freelance work, I can get back to screenprinting. My older sis got me a photo emulsion kit, which I’m pretty stoked to try out.

Birthday flowers
Pretty purple and yellow lilies for my birthday
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Business and Birthdays

Shirt for Deb's birthday

So, I printed up some business cards for DA, for general purposes and also to serve as tags/labels to send out with the shirts. Check it out: Also, I had printed up a shirt for my friend Deb, whose birthday celebration was yesterday. Since she has received (and loved) her gift, I can now post pics without ruining the surprise. See:

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