Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links


Things of Note:

Crazy times. Those two huge projects I mentioned yesterday that both suddenly have to be done this week? Stressing me out. Hence why this post is so late today; I usually like to get them out in the morning, but that wasn’t happening. I’m also behind on my blog reading and comment answering, so if you said something really nice and I haven’t responded yet, I’m sorry. I will get to it. On the upside, I do get a break this evening, out to coffee with some fellow Austin blogettes. Should be fun. 🙂

How’s your week going?


  1. I really enjoyed that “Illegal” video. A while back (when the show was on) I saw an episode of “30 Days” where Morgan Spurlock had someone, who (sadly) was fighting with all of his heart against illegal immigration, go and stay with a family of illegal immigrants (Oh do I hate the phrase). That episode warmed my heart because I get so tired of this “get out” mentality, especially in Texas. They are human, just like any of us, and people forget that. That episode showed that.