Tuesday Treasure Trove  May 26, 2015

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

I’m up in Ohio right now hanging out with my mom, so no real news. Yay for scheduled posts!

Did you come across any read-worthy links this week? Leave ’em below!

Tuesday Treasure Trove  May 19, 2015

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned here, but the boy’s newest hobby is home winemaking. We completed a nice cabernet sauvignon (red, his preference) and just this past weekend started on a moscato (white, my choice). We shall see how it turns out. But in the meantime, I get to design wine labels!! 😀

I head up to Ohio to visit my mom this coming weekend, and will be gone 2 weeks, so things won’t be too active around here for the next little bit. I’m schedule your weekly TTT in advance, and maybe if I can squeeze one in a book review. But otherwise, I’ll catch ya again the week of June 8th.

Unless anyone wants to guest post while I’m away? Recipe, bookish round-up or list?

Engagement Photos  May 15, 2015

We got our photos back from the engagement photo shoot we did back in April! The weather cooperated in a lovely way, and we caught the bluebonnets at the perfect time- we went back the next weekend and they were already gone. We’d never had any actual family photos taken, so we decided to work Sienna into some of the shots, too (shout-out to Kara for wrangling the pup when she wasn’t in the shot!). I’m happy to say her training seems to be helping, as she actually did really well. And the photos turned out really well! Take a gander:

Photos at McKinney Falls State Park, by Johnny Quattlebaum / George Street Photo.














There are more of course; we got 200 photos back. But that would be a super photo-heavy post, so I just picked my favorite ones.

What do you think? Did you do an engagement photo shoot before you got married? Did you include your pet? :)

Book Review: A Court of Thorns & Roses  May 14, 2015

A Court of Thorns & Roses (#1)

by Sarah J. Maas.

acotar I’m a big fan of Maas’ Throne of Glass series, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on her newest venture. This latest book from Ms. Maas is one part fantasy romance, one part Old English lore, one part Beauty & the Beast, and just a hint of the tale of Persephone. In other words, almost all the things I like best. Ok, so there weren’t any dragons, but I suppose one book can’t have EVERYTHING.

ACOTAR (as it’s abbreviated on Twitter) is the story of Feyre, a downtrodden mortal struggling to support her seemingly ungrateful family with her hunting skills. One day she kills a strange wolf, and suddenly a faerie lord shoes up at her door, demanding her life in repayment for the (surprise) faerie she killed. Instead of death, however, he demands that she accompany him to the neighboring (and by all accounts luxurious) feylands, there to live the remainder of her life. There are worst things, right? Except the notoriously dangerous world of faerie is even more unstable than usual, with a magical blight slowly seeping over the land. And her host, Tamlin, is not the wicked, cruel fae lord the stories make out all of his kind to be, even if he is suffering under the enchantment of the blight.

The good: This is a mix of so many things I like, and is done well. Feyre is an engaging narrator and protagonist. Tamlin is a nice mix of gruff and considerate, and bad-ass warrior (Feyre is no slouch at the fighting herself). There’s a wit-slinging sidekick, and a harrowing quest, and a slow-growth love story. The writing is well done and paints a picture of the faerie world nicely. And most minor characters (like Feyre’s family) have a bit of depth, which is always nice. All ingredients for awesomeness.

The meh: The not-so-subtle setup for a love triangle. *sigh* I’m kind of sick of those, but it seems inevitable in YA books. It wasn’t grown quite to fruition yet in this first book, but the direction things are heading is clear. Also, the big villain of this book got only a very slim backstory and as a result felt like evil-for-the-sake-of-evil instead of some actual motivation. I didn’t really understand what the villain was aiming for, I guess, or exactly how they’d ended up where they were, which is always unsatisfying.

But the good far outweighs the meh. This was a captivating read, and I look forward to the next book in the series. If you like fantasy romance, you’ll definitely want to pick this up.

I give it 4/5 stars.

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A Court of Thorns & Roses

Tuesday Treasure Trove  May 5, 2015

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Whew, it’s been a bit of a week. The fiancé turned 31, my car decided not starting would be a fun trick to play, Sienna wrapped up this round of training classes, I had brunch with a bunch of fabulous lady bloggers, we’ve narrowed down our possible rehearsal dinner venues to 2 places, and in general I got a crap-ton of work done and polished off some projects to enthusiastic client praise (always preferred). In short, I simply didn’t have time to blog last week. This isn’t an apology (it’s my blog and I do what I want!), just an FYI. Because part of this blog is about updates on my life, so there you have it- consider yourself updated on my life. :)

What have you been up to over the last week+?

5 Things Friday  April 24, 2015

5 Things Friday

1. I am having a shoe dilemma. Specifically, a wedding shoe dilemma. I want to wear comfy, no-heel shoes in a shade of purple that matches my wedding colors. I’ve bought 3 different ballet slipper possibilities. One was the perfect shade of purple, but had toe cleavage and fit a bit shallow all around- felt like it would fall off easily. Those got sent back. One fit perfectly, but the purple was a bit off and I feel like the style might be a bit too casual. Those I’ve kept, for now- might just turn into everyday shoes. The last one was almost the right shade of purple, had all-over pleating that would match the style of my dress’ bodice, but was too small – I’ve returned those and ordered a size up. Crossing my fingers that these work. The crazy part? I’m wearing a BALL GOWN, so no one is even going to see my shoes! This is all just my own pickiness. Lol. Knowing that does not stop me wanting the perfect shoe though.

2. The wedding is just a tad under 5 months away. !!!!! Where does the time go?!

3. I’m thinking of adding greeting cards to the shop. Blank insides, sold as sets or 4 or 5 or whatever with coordinating designs on the front. So, like a set of metallic dragons, or a set of bright flowers. Is this something you would be interested in? I’m probably going to go forward with it regardless, just gauging interest and sourcing blank cards right now. I had picked out a 100% recycled content card, but that is out of stock so the search begins anew.

4. I’m still in the midst of trying to turn my design business in a new direction. I want more work that I’m actually excited about, rather than production work with no creative aspect just to pay the bills. Work like this, in other words. If you or someone you know has a project that matches anything on that list, hit me up!!

5. This weekend is looking to be pretty chill. Just coffee with a friend, date night out with Ian, and then potentially lunch with another friend I haven’t seen in years that happens to be in town. Good stuff!

What’s your weekend looking like?