September Etsy Round-Up  September 11, 2014

There’s a lot of heavy stuff going around on the internet today, so I’m purposefully keeping it light and lovely. Here are two collections of beautiful things made by talented, independent artisans, from all around the world.

Chocolate & Turquoise

Vintage Rustic Necklace and Bracelet Set. Leather Cording. Metal Beads. Brown. Fall. Antique Gold Tone. Silver. Southwestern. 1980s.
Set of coffee sachets hearts Valentines day decor, Valentine gift brown turquoise linen home decor kitchen mint aqua rustic shabby chic boho
Leather Journal or Sketchbook - Dark Brown
50 Opaque Pale Turquoise 6mm Czech Glass Druks
Handmade Tibetan White Metal Beads - Turquoise and Coral Inlay - Teardrop Beads
Brown leather bracelet, handcrafted lampwork glass bead , blue, red, purple, gift
Turquoise & Silver Glass bead earrings Artisan Lampwork glass turquoise blue with silver swirls sterling beads flower posts
Urban trendy necklace Super long trendy necklace Boho style stacking necklace
String Scarf , Dream Catcher II , Browns Turquoise Copper Ring String Scarf
Triangle Earrings with Turquoise Beads - Ebony Wood
Trade Route Turquoise Dreamcatcher
Stunning Seafoam and Chocolate Brown Onyx Pendant. Smoky Quartz Crystal Necklace. Smoky Quartz Points Polished. High End Quality Gemstones
St Ives - Relief / Letterpress Print
Wide Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet - Floral Vine
Turquoise & brown mug
Very dark brown Turquoise Golden colors BY GALLE DESIGN,Decorative Throw Pillow Covers,Lumbar pillow case,Luxury pillow cover, Accent pillow

Forget Me Not

One of September's flowers.

Forget Me Nots Print from Original Watercolor, Pale Blue Flower Print For Home Decor, Forget Me Nots Flower Wall Art Print, Light Blue Tones
Real Forget-me-not Flowers Necklace - blue Forget me not in Globe ball Resin - Myosotis sylvatica
Watercolor painting, forget me nots watercolor art, blue wall decor, blue art print fro my original watercolor painting
Forget-me-not Real Pressed  Flower Oval Glass Pendant Necklace
Snow Cream White Forget Me Not Flower Bangle, 1st Anniversary Gift Paper Jewelry, Bridesmaid Gift, Delicate Sterling Silver Artisan...
True Forget-me-not flower earrings E055
forget me nots blank card
Forget-me-not flowers dry flower necklace - kt020
Petite Sterling Silver Forget-Me-Not Necklace Fade Natural Bouquet
Forget-me-not, 25mm badge with dried flower
Silver-tone Forget-me-not Flower Spacer Bead (20) - SF12
Forget-Me-Nots -  Pressed Flowers - Pressed Forget-Me-Not
Forget-me-not bracelet - Epoxy resin bracelet - Real flower Bracelet - Free Shipping
Bridal Shower Favors. Garden Shower. Forget-Me-Not Seeds. Set of 10. Ready to Ship.
Alaskan Forget-Me-Not Perfume Oil, .33oz - Handmade in Alaska

A forget-me-not seems particularly apt today. And I know that first treasury isn’t ‘traditional’ fall colors, but for whatever reason it’s a color combo that does make me think of fall. Just me?


Tuesday Treasure Trove  September 9, 2014

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

My blogging plan kind of went out the window last week. I don’t even have an excuse for it. I just… didn’t write the posts I had planned to write. The beauty about a drag-and-drop editorial calendar, though, is that I can just move them to a new day. Mwahaha.

Things that happened over the weekend: saw The Giver; it was decent. Started Orphan Black; it’s good. And, in case you missed it yesterday, I’ve started a newsletter for my shops. So if you’re interested in new things for the shops (new designs, new items, sales/discounts, upcoming events), hop on that, because that list will be the first to know. I promise to not bombard you with emails.

Did you find any good reads this week? Any newsletter-sending tips for me?

New Design: Feather  September 8, 2014

The newest design slated to be added to the Dragonflight Dreams shop repertoire:

feather design

If I think about a feather as an important mythological element, two things come to mind. The first is Egyptian mythology, where the hearts of the dead were weighed against a feather on the scales of justice to judge their worthiness. If the heart was lighter than the feather, it meant it was free of sin and the person could then enter the afterlife.

The other is from Russian folklore. In many tales, the glowing feather of a firebird is what sparks an epic quest, because a king or whoever sees it and demands that the live bird be captured and brought to him. Sometimes the feather itself is the treasure, rather than the bird. Sometimes it is bad luck, sometimes a sign of hope. But all of the tales agree that the firebird is beautiful, and so too the feathers.

And then there are the dozens of stories out there where feathers themselves are magical – granting wishes, teleporting, calling in a favor from the creature it came from.

This is all on top of the most obvious symbology of a feather – flight, and the freedom that comes with it. Since I have a fixation on the idea of flying (that would totally be my superpower if I could choose), it’s no surprise that a fondness for feathers isn’t far behind, fueled even more by hearing stories like the above growing up. This design is my take on all of that. It’s fanciful, yet clearly a feather, and the swirls and points fit in with my other designs. The screen is already made and now I just need to get down to printing. And then photographing… and then listing. A shop owner’s work is never done. :)

What’s your favorite myth or story about feathers?

Also, if you want news like this directly to your inbox, I’ve started a newsletter for the shops. New designs, new products, discounts/sales, and upcoming events – newsletter subscribers will be the first to get it all. And I promise not to flood you with emails – probably only one email per month.

Tuesday Treasure Trove  September 2, 2014

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

We had a nice, lazy 3-day weekend here. There was much sleeping in and Netlix, a lot of puppy play time and good food eating. UT football season kicked into gear. We went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy (good fun, though not any more so than any recent superhero/action movies). I did a lot of doodling in my sketchbook, and filled out my planner for September. Overall, a good couple of days.

How was your Labor Day weekend?

September Shop Charity  September 1, 2014

Capital Area Food Bank

In case you missed it at the start of the year, one of the things I’ve decided to do with my shops this year is donate a portion of all sales to charities or causes that I support.

September, aside from being the season of pumpkin spice lattes and football, is also the start of the harvest season. Fittingly, the charity I’ve chosen to support this month is all about food: the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. I know that I am priveleged when it comes to food. My income is enough that I can go to the grocery store, and pick out whatever I feel like eating, rather than just what has the best shelf life or has a coupon available or qualifies for food stamps. It seems like a small thing, but it’s really not, and I know many people and families out there aren’t that lucky. Including people in my own community here in Austin and the surrounding areas. The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas works to make sure that these families in need have nutritious groceries and meals, whether their need comes from an emergency event or a low income situation. Healthy food is a basic human need and should be a basic human right. If you agree, you can support the cause by a direct donation on the their site, or by shopping in either of my shops (screen printing or digital) this month.

At the beginning of this month $20 was donated to the August shop charity – thank you!

Books I’m Not Sure I Want to Read  August 28, 2014

Books I'm Not Sure I Want to Read

I saw this post floating around on the blogosphere the other week (on a whole lotta book blogger sites, too many to name them all) and I thought I’d join in. Here are some books I feel like I should read, but am really struggling with or have zero interest in.

  1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. It’s pervasive in pop culture enough that I know what it’s about. But I have no interest in immersing myself via reading into the head of a narrator who has sex with his tween step-daughter. No thank you.
  2. Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I’m torn on this one. I know the writing would probably be interesting, and it’s a classic. But again, it’s one of those so pervasive in our culture that I already know how it ends. So meh. I may or may not eventually get to this one.
  3. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I’ve seen the Kubrick movie based off of this book. I never want to see it again, let alone read the source material. Blech.
  4. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Oh, this one. It’s the boy’s favorite book (which is a whole other issue). So I’ve made several attempts to read it. But Ayn Rand is just not my cup of tea, and Atlas Shrugged in particular is just. so. boring. I don’t really want to read it, but I feel like I should just for his sake.
  5. War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy. It’s a classic, but would be a massive undertaking. It’s so LONG. And I just don’t really have the motivation. But who knows. Maybe one day?
  6. Anything else by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I read The Great Gatsby. Thoroughly disliked it. I didn’t get this fascination with the 20’s as a time period before reading that, and I still don’t. And I have no desire to read more of the same.
  7. Anything else by Gillian Flynn. I tried to read Gone Girl. I never finished it (<--- rare for me). It's well-written in the sense that it made me feel things. Namely stressed out. The characters were just so unlikable, there was no one I wanted to root for and hence no ultimate payoff for any invested effort in finishing it. I wikipedia'd the ending, that's enough. And I have zero desire to try any of her other books, as I hear they are in the same vein. No thanks.

What are some books you’ve been struggling with whether to read or not? What are some you have absolutely zero interest in?