Bookish Associations  January 29, 2015

Bookish Associations

One thing I always hated about English class was how the teacher or professor would over-analyze everything and make the tiniest details into an Important Symbol or Metaphor. I always doubted whether the author was intending or even thinking about that particular association when they were writing the book. I still doubt that, but now my own brain has played a trick on me. Having devoured a good number of books in my lifetime thus far, I’ve noticed that there are certain symbols or things that immediately make me think of a certain book or series. This is never to the depth of meaning that the English types espoused, and isn’t even always the most obvious symbol from a story, or vice versa. But my brain does it nonetheless.

Here are a few of my bookish associations:

  • A wolf = the Farseer trilogy
  • A spool of thread = the Pern series
  • Leather jackets = the Dresden Files
  • Costume parties = the Kushiel series
  • A handkerchief, or lace = Pride & Prejudice
  • An empty beach = the Earthsea series
  • A dragon = Dealing with Dragons, the first book that made me fall in love with dragons
  • A knife = the Vlad Taltos series
  • Coins = the Mistborn series
  • An ink pot = the Myst series (yes, they are books, too)
  • A gorgeous library = Beauty & the Beast (ok, this one’s a movie, but I’m still counting it)

People who have read those books/series will get the connections for the most part. But if you look at just the left side of that list (the symbols) you probably have a whole different set of books come to mind. Ain’t subjectivity fun? :) For whatever reasons, these are the symbol-story combos that resonated with me, and my brain latched on.

I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens to.
Do you have any bookish associations that might not be the immediate choice for others?

Tuesday Treasure Trove  January 27, 2015

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Whew, quite a list for you guys today. There’s some good stuff up there, though.

I am up to my eyeballs with work, wedding planning, and my new business classes, so I don’t have a whole lot of life news or gossip. As OMG as the wedding planning is as far as choices and details, I also kind of love it. Apparently there’s a side of me that revels in being an event planner.

What have you thrown yourself wholeheartedly into lately?

Taking Stock  January 26, 2015

This is where we're getting married. !!!!!!

This is where we’re getting married. !!!!!!

This little snugget was allowed up on the couch with me this weekend and I about died from cuteness overload. (Ian was out of town...shhh)

This little snugget was allowed up on the couch with me this weekend and I about died from cuteness overload. (Ian was out of town…shhh)

Taking a page from Pip’s book and using this list to do a life snapshot.

Making: plans. And spreadsheets. Wedding planning is no cakewalk, people (ba-dum-ching).
Cooking: nothing lately. We’ve been living on frozen meals and take-out.
Drinking: french vanilla cappucino.
Reading: nothing at the moment. Between work and wedding planning, I haven’t had the mental energy for books. Sad but true.
Wanting: to be done with this one project/client. She doesn’t know what she wants, but won’t listen to my advice. Monster headache situation.
Looking: at different wedding photographer portfolios.
Playing: Myst IV: Revelations. Sort of. I started a game and played for like 5 minutes, but again, no mental energy + puzzle game = nope.
Deciding: on SO. MANY. THINGS. for the wedding. I’m trying to prioritize. Like right now the focus is catering and photographer because they book up well in advance. But there’s still a million other little details flying around my brain, too.
Wishing: to hear back from a certain potential client about whether their board chose me for a certain amazing year-long project. It’d be a game-changer, career-wise and finance-wise. Cross your fingers for me?
Enjoying: this warmer, sunny weather we’ve been having the past few days. Sorry, all you blizzard peeps.
Waiting: for potential bridesmaid fabric swatches to arrive in the mail.
Liking: the unexpectedly romantic attitude Ian has about our wedding. He’s normally a very pragmatic and frugal person, so I was expecting him to continue in that vein for wedding decisions. But he has surprised me, in a good way. :)
Wondering: how my new business/marketing coaching sessions with will go. I ‘won’ a partial scholarship to a 6-month course, and it starts this afternoon. Eek.
Loving: that the ladies I’ve asked to be bridesmaids so far have all been super excited about it. :-D
Pondering: doggy manners classes for Sienna so she can be in our wedding. (for real)
Considering: different fonts for our save the dates and invites.
Watching: Nikita, on Netflix.
Hoping: that out of town people still come to the wedding even though it will be on a Sunday.
Marvelling: that I get to get married at such an epic place. Did you see that picture up there? That’s in Austin. Not Europe. I know.
Needing: to receive some paychecks.
Smelling: Sienna. Not in a bad way. She just had a bath yesterday and actually smells good.
Wearing: PJs still. I’ll hop in the shower, etc. after finishing this post.
Following: and responding to more people on my professional Twitter account in an attempt to grow it.
Noticing: that I need to weed the flower beds.
Knowing: that I have 8 months to plan this wedding but it will feel like it flies by.
Thinking: that this week is going to be rough, work-wise/schedule-wise.
Admiring: pretty dresses from last night’s red carpet.
Sorting: through ideas for a logo design I’m working on for a client today.
Buying: groceries, later today.
Getting: a wedding-planning book that was recommended to me from the library today after my volunteer shift.
Bookmarking: everything wedding related. And pinnable. Check out my wedding planning board if you’re interested.
Disliking: the feeling of just-around-the-corner overwhelm. I think getting this one headache client off my plate will help immensely with that.
Opening: the Adobes- Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Just another day at work.
Giggling: about some of the links I’ve found for tomorrow’s Trove. You should come back and see.
Feeling: tired and a bit stressed, but also overall happy and excited.

Clearly, I have wedding brain going on.
What about you? What’s your mental energy devoted to lately?

Tuesday Treasure Trove  January 20, 2015

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Well, I think… I think that we might be close to deciding on our wedding venue & date. The two places we toured this past weekend are now the top contenders, since sadly my previous favorite is not feasible budget-wise. But the two we like from this weekend would each be a good choice for completely different reasons, so now I’m torn. There are still 3 places we’re supposed to see this coming week, but they weren’t as high up on my list to start as these other two, so we’ll see if they end up being contenders or not.

Oi vey. I’ve barely gotten into this wedding planning stuff and it’s already exhausting.

What did you do this weekend? Something relaxing and non-stressy?

Series Review: The Charming Tales  January 17, 2015

The Charming Tales

Once Upon a Rhyme Happily Never After

Once Upon a Rhyme; Happily Never After
By Jack Heckel.

You guys know by now that I am a fan of fairy tale re-imaginings. So when this series came across my radar thanks to Harper Voyager, I thought it would be right up my alley. And it was.

The series is called The Charming Tales, and as you would expect Prince Edward Charming is one of the main characters. He reminded me quite a bit of the prince from the Shrek movies – arrogant, narcissistic, dramatic, and completely unaware of his own ridiculousness. At least to start with. It’s been prophesied since he was young that he would be the one to defeat the dragon plaguing the kingdom and keeping a beautiful princess captive. He’s in no hurry to start his quest, though, figuring there’s plenty of time to sample life’s pleasures before being saddled with duty (and a princess) for the rest of his life. Until, of course, a simple peasant farmer turns up with the head of the dragon and the rescued princess, and nothing is the same for Charming from that point after. Not least because the farmer, William Pickett, is actually an incredibly decent fellow (if accidental hero), and his sister Elizabeth is at once captivating and unaffected by Charming’s charms. And Gwendolyn, the rescued princess, is quite a bit more than she seems.

It all sets the stage nicely for an adventure romp with magic and romance that tweaks the nose of traditional fairy tales while still being a bona fide fairy tale itself. The four main characters are all set up nicely, have a bit of depth, and have a definite character arc throughout the two books. Charming is probably the most dramatically changed by the end, for the better. And while those four have their own story, there are cameos from other well-known fairy tales: a group of dwarves, a reclusive Beast, a lady with really long, glorious hair. But none of them are quite as depicted in the classic tales, of course. There’s a good amount of humor and snark, and both books are fun, quick reads. I do think they could have been combined into one book, as both were rather short and I didn’t feel a full-book-break between the two was necessary. But overall, an entertaining and amusing pair of books. :)

I give the series 4/5 stars.


Buy From Amazon

Once Upon a Rhyme (Charming Tales, #1)

I was given a promotional copy of book 2 (Happily Never After) by Harper Voyager U.S. for review, but of course had to go and get book 1 to read first.

Tuesday Treasure Trove  January 13, 2015

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Wedding planning has started in earnest. We’ve done 2 open houses so far, and have 2 more this week, with 3 more next week. Plus waiting on further pricing info and date availability from certain places. Clearly getting our venue & date settled is the priority right now. I can’t book many of the other vendors until we know that. Plus, you know, it affects the leftover budget significantly.

Other than that, life as normal, if a bit too cold for my liking.

What are you up to lately?