ACR Summer Show Recap  August 20, 2014


My booth at the Austin Craft Riot Summer Show 2014.

This past weekend was the Austin Craft Riot Summer Show, otherwise known as the first major craft show that I’ve ever done. Which you probably knew because I basically talked about nothing else here on the blog for the past month. And of course I had high hopes, though I tried to temper those with realistic talk about it being my first show and that any sales are good and it’s getting my name/brand out there locally, etc. etc. And at the end of the weekend, I’d made back my booth fee and a little more – but not that much more. Not the roaring success that my high-hopes side had wished for, but in reality not bad either. I did give out a bunch of business cards, so we’ll see if people follow up online.

Despite lackluster sales, two things were awesome about the show, though. #1) I got a lot of compliments on my booth setup, especially when people found out I was a first-timer. So go me on display skills!

But far and away the other best part about this show was getting paired with Rachel of Poppy and Fern as my booth partner. Getting to know her and hang out with her all weekend was awesome. She was fun and supportive, patient with all of my questions, and is just good people. We commiserated about the weird yellow lighting in the hall and joked about being sleep deprived (that first day setup is rough). Her husband was there the 2nd day, too, and is also good people – we geeked out about books and movies pretty enthusiastically. I just want to hang out with them both. So not only did ACR hook me up with an experienced booth partner, but also some potential new friends.


My awesome booth partner, Rachel of Poppy and Fern, with her booth.

I did get to sneak away from the booth a few times, with Rachel or her hubs covering, to check out some of the other vendors. And there was a lot of awesome stuff! Since sales didn’t take off, though, I had to limit myself to just a few items (no point going more in the hole over a show, right?). Here’s what I ended up getting:


Loot from other awesome vendors that I came away with.


Black & gold necklace from Kate Winternitz.


Leather journal by Saved Salvaged Sewn.


Illustration print by Monica L. Knighton.

Overall, would I do it again? I’d definitely do a craft show again (and am in fact applying for another one later this year), but I don’t know if I’ll do ACR again. It’s a good size and has great vendors, but I’m not sure the typical attendees (heavily weighted towards families with young kids, from what I saw) are my prime audience. Plus that yellow lighting just really threw off the perception of colors on my prints. However, I would go to the ACR summer show as a shopper again in a heartbeat. So much good stuff! The plan right now is to apply to a few different shows in the Austin area over the next year and see which one works best display-wise and audience-wise.

Bottom line: this weekend was well worth it as a get-my-toes-wet experience, and for making new friends.

Do you take your shop to craft shows? Have you found your sweet spot as far as location and audience?


Tuesday Treasure Trove  August 19, 2014

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

Well, I thought I had caught a cold from the craft show crowds over the weekend, but it seems my judicious application of OJ, naps, tacos and puppy cuddles yesterday worked its magic. I woke up this morning feeling better. No more semi-sore throat, no more almost-stuffed head. So yay that! That means I don’t have to cancel my massage or coffee ladies night later today. Double woot.

What are you up to this week? What are your on-noes-getting-sick super cures?

August Etsy Round-Up  August 18, 2014

I’m recovering from my whirlwind weekend at the craft show (there will be a recap post probably Wednesday) so today’s an easy ‘look at the pretties!’ post. :) I’ve got two treasuries today. The first is August-themed, using one of August’s birthstones as the inspiration. The second is just green and alive and summery. Enjoy.


One of the birthstones for the month of August is sardonyx.

Zen Impressions Series    "Suddenly Sunset"   -    Original, One of a Kind
Sardonyx bracelet: The Dragon's Eye - sardonyx, red and black bracelet, unisex bracelet, men's jewelry, sardonyx jewelry, dragon jewelry
3,8 x 9,9 FT___115 x 296 CM         VINTAGE Striped  Turkish Handwoven  Kilim Rug, Natural Multi Colour (0501)
Pendant. Large (not heavy)  Sardonyx Gold plated art freeform designed pendant and necklace chain.
Infinity Scarf, Abstract Black Dots with Sepia, Rust, Ivory Satin and Black and Sepia Leopard Print with Gold Shimmer Crinkle Georgette
Sardonyx Earrings Black Banded Earrings Black and White Earrings Everyday Earrings Copper Earrings E2012-21
Rusty Tractor Mug
Sardonyx agate pendant Agate necklace. Agate pendant  Owl pendant Wire wrap necklace 19 inch necklace 2 1/4 inch agate
Modern Art Wood Wall Sculpture in Browns, Tan, Navy, Cream and Gray Stripes 24x48"  -Make to Order
50% SALE! ONYX Faceted Gemstone Pendulum
Burrowing Owl Feather - Original watercolor study
Pendant Wire Wrapped  Handmade, CLL13.
2 x 1/2" Floral Intricacy Tribal Batik Pattern #3 Gold Red Rust Black JLynn MatchStick ART Tile wood Half domino pendant
Gemstone Pendant Red Sardonyx Peach Moonstone Silver
Double Banded Sardonyx Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring // Onyx // Pagan // Wiccan // Summer
Rust Brown and Apricot Kilim throw Pillow with large Stripes, Ethnic Sofa cushion cover, Woven Turkish sham 40x40cm, 16x16' Rustic Decor


Forest Teardrop Small Terrarium with Air Plant // DIY Kit
Green leaf i phone case, real pressed leaves, botanical phone accessories
Splender In The Grass Wall Clock Natural History Print Woodland Clock Forest Clock Green Grass Bokeh Sweet Things
Green Leaves Earrings. Summer Nature Earrings. Simple Modern Jewelry. Bronze or Silver Earrings
Green Spiral Plant Euphorbia Cyparissias "Fens Ruby" Nature Photograph
Green Leaf Fabric Covered Button Post Earrings - Free shipping
Green Tree Watercolor Art 8 x 10 Print, Love Birds, Tree Illustration, Modern Wall Decor, Circles, Polka Dots (168)
Art Original Acrylic Painting, Fish Pond with lilies,Koi,Goldfish,lily Pads 20 x 20 canvas        I take CREDIT CARDS
Botanical Print Queen Annes Lace Minimal Minimalist Field Flowers Vintage Feel Flora White Mint Green Creme, Fine Art Print
Green Leaves Save The Date Cards, Spring and Summer Wedding Announcements, Tree Branches with Simple Timeless Leaves, Rustic Bucolic Charm
Green and Brown Resin Charm Necklace with Creme Flower
GREEN WEDDING BIRDS, Chinese Paper cut, Love Birds, Flowers Watercolor print - 8" x 10" Print
Emerald Green Botanical Print, Flower Photography, Spring Garden, Orchard, White Blossoms, Tree - The Midnight Garden
Majolica green plate with vine leaf and strawberry design. George Jones stamp
Butterfly Barefoot sandal (10 Color options ) Green, Bridesmaid Jewelry, Wedding Sandles, Bridal Sandals, Grass Green, Genuine Leather
Dark Emerald Green Photograph Fairy Leaves Color Photograph Enchanted Forest Nature Photograph Garden Delight Modern Rustic Decor/Gift

How did your weekend go?

Austin Craft Riot Summer Show  August 15, 2014

If you’ve been around the blog awhile, you probably already know this as I’ve been talking about it for a few weeks. But this upcoming weekend is the annual Austin Craft Riot Summer Show. It’s got over 70 local handmade artisans and food trucks and kids activities and live music and a bar. And it’s inside in the air conditioning. And, most importantly, it’s my first major craft show and you should come. My booth will be right up front by the lobby – hard to miss! Here are the details:


If you are an Austinite or just in town this weekend, definitely stop by and say hi! And maybe buy an awesome print, just saying. ;) I may or may not have free candy, if that sways you. I will certainly be taking custom orders, for both art prints and that deep-v women’s style shirt in my made-to-order section.

If you’re not in Austin, you can always check out my Etsy shop, though I was a mad print-making machine leading up to this show and not all of them have made it to the shop yet.

Off to deconstruct my practice booth and put it all in the car!

Stop by if you can, wish me luck if you can’t, and have a great weekend everyone!

Book Review: The Girl With All the Gifts  August 14, 2014

The Girl With All the Gifts

by M.R. Carey.

The Girl With All the Gifts “Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class.

When they come for her, Sergeant Parks keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. She thinks they don’t like her. She jokes that she won’t bite. But they don’t laugh.

Melanie is a very special girl.”

That’s the blurb for the book, both on the inside cover flap and on Goodreads. That was the extent of what I knew about the novel when I began reading. Can you see how I might have thought it was about a girl with some kind of paranormal special powers? Especially given the cover image? So I was a bit surprised when it turned out not to be that at all. This is, in fact, a book about zombies.

It’s some time in the future when a type of parasitic fungus has spread over the planet, turning most of the population into brain-thirsty zombies. The ‘hungries,’ as they’re called, are everywhere, and behave like typical zombies – mindless, reacting to sounds and movement, vicious. Except for a small group of children who, while still susceptible to their zombie urges, have managed to retain their human intelligence and emotions. Naturally, the remaining human government (in England, in this case) has rounded them up for study to figure out why they are different and what that might mean for a cure. Melanie, the prominent character of the book, is one of these children and an intellectual genius in her own right. She is (as you might have guessed from the blurb above) an inmate at a military facility dedicated to studying these children. The book as a whole is her story, as she starts to realize what she is and what that means, in the midst of sudden chaos and fighting her own violent urges.

This was an interesting read. I’m not sure I’d call it a thriller, as it didn’t ever give me that kind of oh-crap urgency that thrillers are supposed to. And zombie books aren’t generally my cup of tea, so that may be influencing my reaction, too. But it is an intriguing premise and worth a read. Melanie’s character and situation were unique and kept my attention in the parts of the book that followed her viewpoint. The cast of supporting characters (a teacher, a doctor, a sergeant, all with their own opinions on how Melanie should be handled) were necessary to give a broader scope, but I didn’t find them as compelling. They were a bit too one-note. I did like the arc of the story, and the ending in particular was unexpected but fitting. And sometimes books with zombies as the main storyline can get a bit bogged down in gore – that happily wasn’t the case with this book. It does come up, of course, but it’s not an every-chapter focus.

Overall, if apocalyptic zombie stories are your thing, you’ll definitely want to pick this up.

I give it 3.5/5 stars.

The Girl With All the Gifts

Tuesday Treasure Trove  August 12, 2014

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

This week is mostly just doing all the million little things left to get ready for the craft show. Which, if you’re in Austin, you should totally come check out and say hi to me and keep me from retreating to an introvert huddle in the back of my booth (halfway kidding). In all seriousness, though, I’m equal parts excited and nervous, and I think it’s pretty much a given that I’m not going to get any sleep the night before the show opens. And that I will be absolutely worthless on Monday after the show is over, haha. But in between? Hoping that is awesome. And I mean, the organizers have food trucks that will deliver food to vendors in their booths, including breakfast tacos, so it’s pretty much already going to be amazing just from that.

Also, because I’m crazy, I also decided to tackle redesigning my freelance site in the midst of all this, and that went live yesterday, so you should also check that out. It’s now responsive, which means it still looks good viewed on a phone, and I love the swooshy effect when switching categories in the portfolio.

What’s something that’s made you nervous and excited lately?