Sew Exciting

So, along with my new camera (which got here yesterday but I haven’t had a chance to play with much because I had to charge the battery first and was feeling crappy yesterday), I also picked up this beauty this past weekend:

Yup. I can haz sewing machine! You may remember that this bernette 46 machine was on my Crafty Wishlist for Christmas. Well, I decided to just go ahead and get it for myself. Bernette and I are going to be BFFs someday, but first I have to learn how to use her. I’ve never used a sewing machine in my life. I’ve hand-sewn/stitched some things (case in point, that dragonfly ‘backdrop’ is actually a set of curtains I made for my old place, but they don’t fit on any windows in the new place), but literally have not touched a sewing machine before. Luckily the place I bought it from – shout out to Sew Much More! – offers free training on my machine, since I bought it from them – for as long as I own the machine. That’s pretty cool, and I’m pretty excited to get started. I’m waiting to hear back about scheduling for my first session (I just emailed yesterday, but I’m impatient). So stay tuned for the trials and tribulations of Amanda Learns to Sew.

Also, if you have any advice for how to get started/easy projects to ease me into the stitchery world, let me know. I’ve been told pillows are the easiest place to start by a few sources, so I’ll probably go with that, but I only have room for so many additional pillows in the house.


  1. I’ve heard pillows myself bring GREAT as a first project, or just take scrap pieces of fabric and just roll with the stitches.

    1. Yeah, I bought a little pack of scraps to just practice stitching on. Uh, but I have to figure out how to load the thread first…. lol.

  2. I’ve always dreamed of learning how to sew. It is on my to learn list for this year. I too, have heart that pillows are the easiest, although I’d imagine that curtain panels (without a pleat) can’t really be too hard either. Good luck!

    1. Getting a machine and learning how to sew was (is?) on my 28 Before 28 list of things, too! The first part of that is taken care of, at least…

      I’ve hand-sewn curtains before; you’re right, they’re not too hard. The house I live in right now, though, all the windows have half-circle tops, so curtains would just look strange.

  3. I just read a book all about thrifty things and it went on and on about sewing and, like all the other comments, pillows are the easiest. Also, I imagine that stuffed toys would be quite easy. Two teddy bear shapes, fill them with stuff and then use the sewing machine to stick the two halves together.

    I love the idea of being crafty and using a sewing machine but in reality I don’t really have a crafty bone in my body 🙁 That is such a great notion that they give you free sewing lessons.

    1. Toys is a good idea, but I don’t have any kids, and neither do any of my friends around here. 🙂 Guess i’ll stick with pillows. Thanks for the input, though!

  4. I don’t have any sewing advice- I don’t sew at all. But pretty awesome that they offer free training! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty pumped about the free training; was just going to be a long haul with me and the manual otherwise. 🙂