Tuesday Treasure Trove

Since last week’s Treasure Trove post seemed to be a hit (and was fun to put together), I decided to start a new blog series based on that idea. Every Tuesday, I’ll put together a post of links to things I find cool/interesting/funny/thought-provoking, under the title Tuesday Treasure Trove. Here is today’s:

  • Dana’s post about getting started as a self-employed entrepreneur or small business owner raised some very good points.
  • Have you guys heard of eShakti? It’s a site with cute clothes that will customize the fit to your exact measurements and (in some cases) let you change details like sleeve length or skirt length. It’s usually $7.50 to customize (which is a great deal anyway), but they’re offering FREE customization until March 31.
  • I love the lotion bars by Austin local Feto Soap. They’re easily portable without worrying about a mess in your purse, and smell great.
  • This very cool story about how ‘underground’ French artists are restoring Paris’ neglected national treasures.
  • Tired of the mystery man icon next to your blog comments? Check out Gravatar.
  • This Living Social deal for Bluefly.com.
  • An interesting perspective: why you should stick to what you don’t know.
  • Speaking of perspective, here are 10 Science & Technology Breakthroughs That [Initially] Caused Widespread Panic.
  • An infographic on the differences between East Coast and West Coast designers, including a map of the most designer-and-artist-friendly cities (Austin is #1, woohoo!)
  • And now for a bit of geekery: every year, Suvudu puts together a virtual cage match elimination bracket featuring characters from science fiction and fantasy lore. Users vote on each match-up as to who they think will win the fight (Suvudu provides a fun little write-up predicting the outcome of each encounter). 2012’s bracket just launched with Round 1 open for voting. You can see the overall 2012 bracket here, and the individual cage matches here. My favorites so far are Morrolan e’Drien (Vlad Taltos series) vs. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones/Song of Ice & Fire series), and Moiraine Damodred (Wheel of Time series) vs. Tarzan (yes, that Tarzan).
  • This quote: “Love should never be decided by fear.” – Smallville TV show

This week is going to be pretty crazy. I’m slammed with freelance work, and have the Texas Style Council Blogger Conference to get ready for this weekend (and by get ready for, I mean plan what I’m going to wear). I am super excited about the conference, though! Can’t wait to meet so many fabulous fellow bloggers. Oh, and in case you missed it over the weekend, my new Shop My Closet is up and running (accepting swaps as well). And the phoenix screen is nearly done being blocked out – yay!



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