Lens flare!

A further venture into the colored denim world: mint jeans! These were admittedly less scary than the bright red ones, and way easier to find things to pair with. I like ’em. This is what I wore yesterday (my blogiversary!) around the house and out to run errands. It combines some of my favorite things: these shoes, skinny jeans, polka dots, and…

Lacy surprise in the back!

Lace! Betcha didn’t see that coming. Normally I hate any part of my bra showing, but I’ll make an exception for a shirt like this (or wear a blazer over it, as I’ve done in a few non-photo’d outfits with this shirt). And hey, I color coordinated, so it’s not that bad. This shirt was another excellent Ross score, costing all of $5. 😀

As for my hair: I originally tried putting it up in a top-knot, because I had some tongue-in-cheek notion of being as visually bloggy as possible for my blogiversary. I followed a tutorial and everything. And it was a disaster. I don’t know if my hair is just not quite long enough, or I need a better tutorial or what, but it didn’t even come close to working. File under No Hair Wrangling Skills. By then I was fed up, so a simple ponytail won the day.

I also finally made my way through all of our Alaska photos, and the first part of the re-cap will be up on Monday. Tonight we’re off to see some roller derby-ing, and then tomorrow probably going to Snow White & the Huntsman.

What is everyone else up to this weekend? 🙂

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More lens flare!

Dramatic shadow!

Please excuse the fact that our yard looks more like a meadow. We were on vacation!

Pops of red/coral in my necklace and toes.


Colors: Mint, Black, Red/Coral, White

Top: Polka dot/lace top from Ross.
Jeans: Mossimo Premium Denim from Target.
Shoes: the Breezy Does It Sandal from ModCloth.
Necklace: Native Daughter Necklace in custom red coral (similar) from Girl Tuesday Jewelry on Etsy.
Ring: Snake ring bought at a street vendor in NYC years ago.
Sunglasses: same as always.