Tuesday Treasure Trove


Things of Note:

My Ask Me Anything form is still open. Not a whole lot of submissions thus far, so either y’all aren’t that curious about me, or you have questions but they’re about things you think I don’t want to talk about. If the first, fair enough. If the second, there’s really not a whole lot I won’t talk about. If it’s something I haven’t mentioned on the blog, chances are it’s just because I don’t think you guys would be interested. So if you are – ask away!

Still time to grab a sponsor spot for August!

I am on a shopping hiatus, so guys will have to have all the fun for me for awhile and I will just have to be content with clothes swapping.

I can’t believe tomorrow is August. Where has this summer gone? I haven’t even gone swimming at all yet! What are you guys up to for the last month of summer? (Ok, last month for most of the country… September and even parts of October will still be summer-like here).


  1. Last month of the summer?

    Well, I have to get my daughter registered for school in our new area since we moved out of state

    I will also be taking out all my jewelry making “junk” and getting to it!


    Do you host clothing/item swaps?

    1. Nice! What kind of jewelry will you be making? Any intent to sell online (just curious)?

      I don’t host the swaps myself, I just attend the one group that does swaps in Austin, and then also do a lot of swapping online (swap.com!).

      We were supposed to go river tubing today, which would’ve been a great way to start off the month, but silly me had to get sick. So I’m having a lazy day at home.