Well, I had a group sponsor intro post slotted for today, but then a crazy thing happened – not a single ONE of my medium sponsors returned the questionnaire thing I sent out. Not a one! A bit flabbergasted and now lacking a post for today, I thought it’d still be good to showcase those sponsors in some way, even if wasn’t the cool intro feature I normally do. So today, I’ve giving you a link round-up of my favorite posts on my medium sponsors’ sites.

  • Most What Matters: Check out Music Muse Tuesday for some new tunes.
  • The Streeters Unlimited: Kristina is currently documenting her pregnancy in a neat way, check out her latest post about it.
  • After Nine to Five: The Secret to Productivity that No One Wants to Hear. Truth.
  • My Three Bittles: Amber is one of the hosts of The Pinterest Project, check out her latest DIY adventure here.
  • Every Day is a New Adventure: Alyx is a cool gal in general, but her vlogs are especially awesome and usually hilarious. Check out her latest.
  • Two Dogs, a Cat & a DIY Life: Ashley & her husband Nathan do a neat He Said/She Said post every once in awhile, see the latest one here.
  • The Charming Blog: Amy started a new link-up this month called 10 on 10 (you may remember me linking up as well).
  • Hairbows & Butter: Keely’s cupcake recipes always me hungry, especially when chocolate is involved.
  • Embracing the Everyday: Ashley regularly participates in Current Crush Thursday, and I particularly like this round-up of cute sandals.