Sunday Confessions

1. I don’t really get the deal with holiday decorations. A Christmas tree, ok, yes, I subscribe to that tradition and like it. Maybe even some lights outside if I’m feeling really motivated. But covering the entire house and trees and roof? Big, inflatable, music-playing cats or snowmen or whatever as some of my neighbors do for every holiday possible out in their yards? No. I think it’s silly, tacky, and a waste of money.

2. I also don’t get some of the DIY projects that people seem to think are amazing on Pinterest or the blogosphere. I don’t want my house to look like a Girl Scout craft night gone bad. I don’t want my home decor to be made of popsicle sticks and yarn and mason jars. I like things that, even if they are handcrafted, look professional and well-made. Not slapped together with a glue gun. I’m also skeptical of DIY facial scrubs or lotions or whatnot. These people aren’t dermatologists, and in fact have no idea if the thing they’re concocting is safe, or will do what they claim.

3. I may have possibly been converted to the coffee drinker club with the introduction of a Keurig in our household (my bday gift from Ian). BUT only on the margins. A vanilla flavored cappuccino is as far as I’m willing to go as yet. Otherwise I’ll stick to my chai tea lattes, hot cocoas, and spiced ciders.

4. This is going to cause an uproar, but I actually don’t mind Captchas. I don’t find them particularly difficult to read, and rarely have to hit the button that gives you a new one. Would it be quicker to leave a comment without that step? Sure. But it’s not really a huge inconvenience for me.

5. Occasionally I have dreams where dream-Ian does something that really upsets or hurts me, and sometimes when I wake up I have a hard time not being mad at him for it.

6. I’m already failing at one of my 29 Before 29 goals. I’m supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo, but haven’t felt like I have the time or energy the past few days. I might do my own private NaNoWriMo in a different month to make up for it.


  1. Omg, I also don’t get the deal with holiday decorations! I’m not even that big on having a tree. In addition to not being terribly festive, I’m just plain lazy and cheap. It’s a lot money to buy a tree and decorations. And then a lot of work to go and put them up. And then more time to put it all away afterward. Uh, no thanks! 😉

    1. It can be kind of pricey (at least that first year when you have to buy all the ornaments and lights as well as the tree itself), but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a tree for me. But that’s about as far as my effort goes. I haven’t done outdoor lights since I moved out of my mom’s house, haha. No wreath on the door or anything. But some of my neighbors go NUTS! And not just for Christmas – Halloween, too! Don’t get it.

  2. I don’t really get the whole Christmas decorations thing either…. I don’t even do the tree. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown accustomed the minimalism of apartment living, but who has room to store all those decorations on the off season?!

    1. I didn’t have a tree of my own when I lived in an apartment either – but I definitely made sure we got one at my mom’s house when I went back for Christmas! I’m in a house now, and this will be our second time hosting Christmas, and I’m already looking forward to the tree. If his family is expecting the house to be decked in lights and red and green, though, they are going to be disappointed. 😉

  3. I love Christmas, and I think holiday decorations are great… to an extent. You should realize how much is too much – take a look at the size of your home and rooms, determine what looks good, etc. etc. I am also only a fan of “classy” decorations. Not cheesy blow up things in your yard, or a bunch of random knick knacks that don’t go together at all. I think they can look nice and add to the holiday atmosphere, but, like everything else, moderation is best.

    Anyway. Thanks for linking up… a week ago. haha!