The Rejects Swap

At the beginning of this month, Kristen over at Milo & Molly proposed an interesting gift swap. It was for shop owners only, and the purpose was to clear out closets/shelves of ‘rejects’ from your shop – things that had just a tiny imperfection or old stock that didn’t sell or samples or whatever. In return, you’d get new-to-you things from other shops. You got to say how many packages you would send out, and that’s how many you’d get in return, and Kristen did a great job matching everyone up with shops whose products you were actually interested in. I sent out two packages of prints from my shop that had just a minor smudge or so, and got two packages in return. And I can’t believe these counted as rejects:

From Kristen of Milo & Molly
From Kristen of Milo & Molly


From Paige, a combo of things from both of her shops: Oh, Nostalgia and Little White Chapel.


I love ALL of it! The bookmarks and magnets and paper goods from Kristen are great, and the jewelry from Paige is beautiful. I’ve already worn the leaf necklace (see my last outfit post). And the bracelets actually fit my tiny wrists, which is awesome! Definitely one of the best swaps I’ve been a part of. There’s talk of doing another one some months down the road when our stock of rejects has grown again, and I’m in. Definitely go check out their shops (linked in captions above).

How about you, other shop owners? Does this sound like something you would participate in?


  1. That is SUCH a cool swap idea! Once I get my shop up and running (one of these days I’ll finish) I will just have to partake in this!

      1. 🙂 I can’t wait to share! It will be a bit though. I want to get a good number of items done, decide my packaging, and research some other things first. 🙂

  2. This really is a fantastic idea. Makes me think of the old adage, “One {wo}man’s trash is another {wo}man’s treasure.” Though none of this looks like trash! What a great way to send some items to a happy new home.