Wedding Wear Poll

As mentioned earlier this week, I have a wedding to attend this weekend and no idea what to wear! So I’ve come up with a few outfit ideas, and I want to put it to the vote. So you guys need to chime in. Spring wedding, semi-formal/formal-ish. Both the wedding ceremony and reception are outdoors, in the evening. It’s supposed to be up to 78 that day, but festivities don’t start til 6, so it’ll be cooling off by then. Here are the choices:

Wedding Guest Attire


#1) A dress with pockets (always good) of heavier material. Possibly too much bright color?

#2) A strapless dress with a bit longer length, so slightly more formal feeling. Unsure about the shoe choice on this one, though.

#3) Silky polka dot dress with pockets and high neckline. Super comfy. Not as short as it looks on that model.

#4) Hard to go wrong with black and white, and the length is good. Not warm-making, though.

#5) A bit more quirky, but still neutral enough for wedding guest.

If an option has more than one shoe/belt choice, feel free to vote for that in the comments. As well as an other tweaks you think would be good. Or if you’re feeling REALLY ambitious or bored, take a gander through my wardrobe (incomplete but a pretty good sampling), and see what you can put together.

Ok, now vote! Which one should I wear?

The poll is closed. Winner was Look #2 with 40% of the votes. See the end of this post for photo.



  1. I voted for number three though I love number one too. Heck all of them are adorable. Your fashion posts really make me realize how clueless I am on the topic and just how sparse my closet is. Heck my mom has quadruple the amount of clothes I do. Maybe I aught to step it up. 😉

    1. Aw, thanks! Though, honestly, I still feel clueless a lot of the time, too. There were several drafts of the outfit board before this one went up, lemme tell you.

      1. Haha, understandable but still way ahead of me. If you saw my closet you would say, “why does she even show herself in public,” it’s that bad. 😉 I’m getting better though.

    1. Thanks! I think some color is great at an outdoor wedding, too, but at the same time I feel bright red is kind of a showstealer, so I wasn’t sure about #1. It’s tied for second in the poll right now, so we’ll see!

  2. I voted #1! I adore how you have a punchy accent color mixed with the balanced gray. The look is both clean and classy while still being fun. I also love the design on the dress. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! 🙂 It’s actually more khaki than grey; don’t know why that photo of it makes it look grey, but it does. I think the embroidered print is fun, too, though.

    1. I think #5 is edging out as my favorite, too, though #2 is leading in the polls. I might have to bring in the boy for the deciding vote, haha.

  3. I voted for number 2, I love the dress and the mix of the bright belt with a blazer. The dress looks like it would be flattering. Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend.


  4. I love 1, but I also really like 2. I’m no help, haha sorry! Oh and I just went through your wardrobe and AM loving the Plum Role dress.

    1. Haha, no worries. My mom said the same thing, and she was miffed because the poll would only let her vote once – lol. I was like – that’s how polls work!

      I like the Plum Role dress, too, but it’s a tad short on me. I would need to wear leggings under it, which I didn’t feel was fancy enough for a wedding.