What I Wore: 7 x 7 Remix Challenge #2

That’s right! I’m linking up with Natalia for another 7×7 Remix Challenge! You can see the first one here. If you’ve never seen one of these before, the idea is that you pick 7 pieces of clothing and can only use those items to make (at least) 7 different outfits. Accessories don’t count: jewelry, belts, scarves, and all that can be mixed, matched and piled on. For this one, shoes didn’t count as one of the 7 items either, which changed it up even more. I loved doing the first one, so jumped on board again when she announced this round. It really does help you look at the things in your closet in a new way, and try combinations you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Anyway! Down to business. Here are the items I picked:


1. Wine colored tank dress (H&M)
2. Floral stripe lightweight tank (Urban Outfitters)
3. Navy blue sharktail seamed maxi skirt (Philosophy by Republic – Ideeli)
4. Cream sweetheart twist tank (Tulle Clothing)
5. Swatch stripe t-shirt (Old Navy)
6. Speckled white v-neck t-shirt with clover screen print (my shop)
7. Olive green shorts (Old Navy)

And here are my outfits. I doubled-down on my overachiever-ness this time, coming up with 14. FOURTEEN! Just from 7 items! This challenge is amazing at sparking creativity, you guys. Photo heavy post coming at you:

7x7 Remix Challenge outfits


4 + 7 + cream slingback wedges + gold necklace + marble ring.


3 + brown leather sandals + turquoise necklace + multi-blue sash + silver bracelet and ring.


1 + 7 + black slingback wedges + long necklace + black leather bracelet + bronze ring.


1 + 2 + fedora + beaded sandals + red beaded bracelet + silver necklace + silver ring.


3 + 5 + white strappy sandals + multi-tone necklace and ring.


1 + 3 + brown belt + brown sandals + multi-tone necklace and bracelet and ring.


5 + 7 + neutral wedges + turquoise necklace + silver ring.


2 + 3 + brown sandals + copper necklace + multi-tone ring.


1 + dark grey studded heels + silver necklace + bronze bracelet + silver ring.


3 + 6 + fedora + bronze necklace + bronze ring + leather sandals.


6 + 7 + beaded sandals + gold necklace + bronze ring.


1 + 5 + black slingback wedges + black belt + bronze bracelet + copper necklace + bronze ring.


3 + 4 + brown wedges + blue feather scarf + copper necklace + turquoise ring.


2 + 7 + fedora + black leather bracelet + brown leather sandals + copper necklace + multi-tone ring.


The skirt really is more blue-looking in real life, not quite as dark as it’s coming out in these pictures. And did you enjoy the cute puppy photo-bombs? 🙂

As usual, I like some of these more than others. And it was so nice not to have to include shoes in the 7 items this round! Though it did make the photo shoot take longer, as I had some shoe dilemmas, haha. Some of these items went on vacation with me, so you might see some repeats next week when I do a round-up of what I wore down in Port Aransas (hopefully I’m sitting on a beach right now!).

What do you think? Have you ever participated in a remix challenge before? How did you like it?


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