What I Wore: Warms with White


I know I just said last week that I was thinking about not doing these anymore. But then it warmed up outside and was sunny, and I had an outfit I liked the colors of and wanted to capture. So here you have it. Not quite done with the style posts just yet. 🙂

These are not the first white pants I’ve owned (ok, they’re the second) but they’re the first ones I’ve actually felt comfortable wearing. The material is sturdy corduroy, so there’s no see-thru factor in the hindquarters region, which you know is sometimes a problem with light-colored pants. The whole point of putting on pants is so your underwear doesn’t show, so it’s always seemed odd to me that companies make pants so thin and light-colored that others can still see your underwear anyway. But anyway, not an issue with these, thankfully. And they are soft, which is always a plus. Actually, everything in this outfit is extremely soft and comfortable. It’s amazing I got anything done when I wore this on Monday.

I originally was wearing this cardigan over top, but it just wasn’t working. Then I switched to this burgundy one, and instantly loved it. Also, this cardigan in general is awesome. Four ways to wear it: open, draped (there’s a magnet that holds one side up), partially zipped (like below) or fully zipped. And it has pockets. And the asymmetric zipper just adds some interest, I think. Confession: I own this cardigan in four different colors, I love it that much: charcoal, oatmeal, burgundy, and forest green. I don’t know how they haven’t turned up on the blog before now, because I wear them all the time.

Have you ever had a clothing item you found and loved, and bought several different colors of it?






Colors: Wine, Brick, Rust, and White.

Cardigan: Airport Greeting Cardigan in Burgundy from ModCloth (birthday gift!). See other colors.
Top Tank: by Riller & Fount, from Ideeli
Bottom Tank: from Forever 21 (old)
Pants: from H&M (sold out)
Shoes: Frolic in Flagstaff Flat from ModCloth (sold out)
Necklace: Clyde’s Rebirth

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