Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Things of Note:

Well, I got word last night and officially did not advance to round 2 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Contest this year. I can’t say I’m all that surprised; romantic comedy as an assignment just didn’t gel with me. I knew my story wasn’t that good. And honestly? Considering I came in 5th place overall last year, I’m not too disappointed. Kind of a ‘been there, done that’ thing, I guess. But it was useful as a writing exercise, so hey ho.

Other news! Did you see the new shop photos yesterday? Also, you guys know all of the prints in my shop are customizable, yes? So if you don’t see the color combo you want, you can just pick what you want. I know, awesome, right? 😉

How’s your week going? What are you up to?


  1. Hahaha, that list of reasons to be admitted into an asylum is hilarious (and also kind of scary?). “Bad whiskey” and “seduction and disappointment” are my favorites.

    1. Right? How terrifying would it be to be a woman in the 1800s and be committed for ‘imaginary female troubles’ or being abused by your husband? Sheesh. Though some are funny, too. ‘Novel reading’ – really? Lol.

  2. The beginning of the Giver should really be in black white, that would be so much better.

  3. Um, ‘Imaginary Female Trouble’ was a reason to be committed?! What does that even mean?! Great list! I haven’t read The Giver in awhile, but I’m definitely very skeptical of the movie. I’ve heard it deviates heavily from the original story. And I totally agree that the beginning should be in black and white. And thank you for posting those YA lists! I haven’t read too much YA – some I’ve loved, some I’ve not enjoyed at all, but I am always looking for new books to read!

    1. Yeah, I don’t know – so many of those were vague! The better to commit people, I guess.

      I’m wavering between skeptical and hopeful for The Giver. It’s such a good story, I hope they do it justice.

      Glad you liked this week’s offerings! 🙂