I can finally share the exciting news: I’m going to be an aunt! My sister went public after they found out the gender. I’m going to have a nephew!


I made these again this weekend, and it remains one of my favorite recipes of all time.

Taking a page from Pip’s book and using this list to do a life snapshot.

Making: a new cover for Pride & Prejudice over on my design blog.
Cooking: Nothing at the moment.
Drinking: Sweet tea.
Reading: The Children of Earth & Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay.
Wanting: to get a new laptop (I don’t currently have a functioning one). Eyeing this one.
Looking: out the window at the rain. All rain all week in the forecast. 😩
Playing: not much of anything lately, other than fetch with Sienna.
Deciding: whether and where to go on vacation later this summer.
Wishing: for my next paycheck!
Enjoying: a quiet month, networking-wise.
Waiting: to hear back from 3 clients before any of those projects can move ahead.
Liking: plain Chex cereal for breakfast lately.
Wondering: what my nephew will look like.
Loving: getting to shop for baby boy stuff!
Pondering: what to cook for the next brunch I host.
Considering: dyeing my hair.
Watching: Blacklist and Legends have been my two go-to’s lately.
Hoping: the biopsies the skin doc took last week come back negative.
Marvelling: at Sienna’s capacity for high energy and insta-sleep.
Needing: a paycheck.
Smelling: the rain/wet dog.
Wearing: jeans, fuzzy socks, and a long-sleeve shirt.
Following: my weekly schedule that I laid out in my planner- this has been a super helpful habit this year.
Noticing: that I need to trim my fingernails.
Knowing: I have an awesome husband.
Thinking: about how to tackle the cleaning/decluttering chores on my to-do list.
Admiring: my new iPhone SE.
Sorting: through clothes to keep or go to Goodwill.
Buying: groceries later today, probably.
Getting: a slow-but-steady uptick in traffic over on my design blog. I’ve consistently posted once per week over there so far in 2016, and it’s paying off.
Bookmarking: .
Disliking: how long it’s been since my last paycheck. (do you sense a theme yet? lol)
Opening: emails.
Giggling: more yawny than giggly right now.
Feeling: pretty ok right now, grey skies aside.


How are you doing lately?