Covers Reimagined

You guys know by now that I am a fan of reimaingings – of fairytales, of famous posters or art, that kind of thing. Combine that with my love of books, and you have a new series and passion project over on my design blog: Covers Reimagined, where I’ll be doing my take on new covers for some of my favorite books. First up is a sci-fi classic and it is live as of this morning! You can click here to go check it out.

What kind of passion project have you dabbled in lately?

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Shop Poll

Help me pick the next design for the shop! I have a few ideas roughly sketched out, thanks to last month’s craft shows where I was running solo but remembered to bring my sketchbook. But I thought it’d be fun to see what you guys thought I should focus on/clean up first. Here are the choices: [merlic_poll id=”9139″]  

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Double Down

The AC Vent

Today, I officially become a two-blog gal. I used to have a blog on my freelance site, but it went dark a while ago because I just didn’t know what to write/how to blog/how to keep up with it. I feel like writing Dragonflight Dreams the last few years has taught me some of that, and I actually have ideas for it now. So I’ve brought The AC Vent back from the dead. You can find it here, if you care to poke around – there’s not much there yet, just some old archives (that have been somewhat de-scarified). The […]

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Color Theory: Orange


Orange Color Wheel Tier: Secondary. Tonal Value: Warm. Complementary Color: Blue. It’s association with good flavor and aromas is while orange is commonly used as a food coloring agent (think your nacho cheese Doritos). Orange things like tigers and lilies and saffron have given it an association with exotic things. And we’re all familiar with the overwhelmingly orange Halloween decor, and orange construction signs and cones. But this time of year, it’s hard not to appreciate the color, with pumpkin-spice everything, and leaves starting to change color. I’ll be the first to admit that orange is not one of my […]

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New Design: Feather

The newest design slated to be added to the Dragonflight Dreams shop repertoire: If I think about a feather as an important mythological element, two things come to mind. The first is Egyptian mythology, where the hearts of the dead were weighed against a feather on the scales of justice to judge their worthiness. If the heart was lighter than the feather, it meant it was free of sin and the person could then enter the afterlife. The other is from Russian folklore. In many tales, the glowing feather of a firebird is what sparks an epic quest, because a […]

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Color Theory: Red

Red Color Wheel Tier: Primary Tonal Value: Warm Complementary Color: Green Red is the color on the visible spectrum most easily seen and the color that most attracts attention (which is why it’s so popular in advertising). It is also one of the most versatile colors, with lots of different connotations depending on where and how it’s used. Meanings / Associations Positive Love / Romance Lust / Passion / Sexuality Stength Courage Exciting / Energizing Rubies / Luxury Ripe fruit In China: happiness, prosperity Many parts of Asia: traditional color for wedding dresses Neutral Dynamic / Activity Spicy Dramatic Fire […]

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