Book Review: The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker

by Kate Alcott

The DressmakerThis was another random pick from the new fiction section at the library, and overall I was satisfied with it. It follows the story of Tess, a young Englishwoman who wants to be a dressmaker. She lands a job as personal maid to a famous couture designer, and they set off across the Atlantic for a fashion show in New York – on the Titanic. Yeah. What follows is an interesting account of the sinking of the ship itself, and the official American inquiry into the disaster after. With, of course, a healthy dose of personal drama, scheming and romance. It’s a fun blend of true historic account and fiction, and if not the deepest or most surprising of reads, still enjoyable.

I give it 3/5 stars.


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The Dressmaker

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