Holiday Special & Custom Orders

Holiday Special

In case you didn’t already hear through Twitter or Facebook, DD is offering a discount for your holiday shopping! Use coupon code TDAY2011 for 20% off your order from the DD store until Dec. 9.

20% off holiday special
Go handmade for your holiday shopping! Also good on custom orders.

Custom Orders

Also, I’m pleased to announce that DD will now be taking custom orders! Here’s how it’ll work:

  • You email me or contact me through the Etsy store with the design you’re interested in (from current existing designs), what you want it printed on (shirt style & size, tote bag, etc.), and the color scheme you have in mind.*
  • I setup a Custom/Reserved listing on Etsy.
  • You purchase the listing.
  • I go to work making your custom piece of awesome. Depending on whether I have the item you want printed on in stock, it may take a bit of extra time to order/get the blank item, print on it, etc. and get it to you. I will give you a time estimate before you purchase.

The above coupon code is also good on custom orders!

*I reserve the right to decline a custom order if the requested color combination is hideous. That said, I am pretty open about this. And I’d try to steer you to a more palatable color combo before declining. But, when all is said and done, DD is my business and artistic expression; I’m not going to knowingly make something I’ll hate.

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