Gifts from Korea

My boyfriend FINALLY got back from the latest out-of-country-for-work stint this past weekend. He was in Korea for a whole month! It wasn’t quite as bad as last year’s trip, even though it was a week longer, because we got to video chat pretty regularly through FaceTime. And while Samsung (employer that sent him there for that long) is not on my favorite things list, the suckiness of being apart for so long does have some silver lining: 1) he’s back now and won’t get sent away again for another year, and 2) gifts! Last year he brought me some pocky (yum!), and a hand-painted little music/jewelry box with cherry blossoms on it that plays the Beauty and the Beast theme song (SO awesome). This year his picks were a bit more diverse, but no less awesome. Take a look:

Purple. Fuzzy socks (Made in Korea). He knows me well 🙂

A hand-painted Korean wooden fan, with some neat cut-outs.

An amethyst pendant necklace. A bit quieter than I normally go with jewelry, but c'mon - it's purple. You know I love it.

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