Book Review: The Humans

The Humans

by Matt Haig

The Humans Goodreads has a pretty perfect summary of the story, so I’m just going to jump right into my thoughts/reaction. I liked it. It was funny in an absurd way, just the right amount of heart-breaking, and not at all boring. I personally get a kick out of aliens-viewing-humantiy-for-the-first-time narrations, because I think outsiders to our planet would find most of how we live distressing and nonsensical. If you’ve never really thought about it, it can be quite an eye opener. This is another one of those, but with touches of humor that make you literally laugh out loud (I got some weird looks from the boy, who was next to me on the couch). All that said, it’s also a light and quick read. I read it in a single evening. My only criticism of it is that the narrative framing/prologue at the beginning doesn’t make sense, given the ending. Which was also a bit abrupt. But overall, I liked it.

If you try this and like it, and want something with a bit more meat, pick up Stranger in a Strange Land as well.

I give it 4/5 stars.

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The Humans

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