Countdown to TxSC Camp

The 2015 Texas Style Council CAMP is just one week away! Just a friendly reminder for all you fellow bloggers and Etsians and business owners who are also going. 🙂 I for one am pretty darn excited. Sleepaway camp with a bunch of awesome women? Where we also get to learn stuff that’s good for our businesses/blogs? AND pretend we’re 10 by doing the ropes course and other camp-y things? YES, PLEASE.

You should’ve looked over and signed up for your sessions already. Personally, I’m doing Lab A Capture (photography), Discussion C Shift (refocus), Discussion C Connection (network), and the Kickstart Lab (business strategy). Plus the keynotes and camp-wide things, of course.

Speaking of camp-wide things, here are some things every attendee should look over:

Cabin assignments were announced this week.

And don’t forget to look over the packing list:
TxSC Camp 2015 packing list

And the map on how to get to Camp, if you’re driving yourself:
TxSC Map to CAMP

You can click on both of the above for PDF versions you can download and print.

Are you going? What sessions are you signed up for? Can’t wait to see you there!

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What I Wore: to the TxSC Blogger Conference

This past weekend was the 2013 Texas Style Council Conference. Speakers, staff, sponsors, volunteers and ~400 attendees gathered for 3 days of mingling, workshops and fun in downtown Austin. If you’ve been a blog follower for awhile, you may remember I attended this conference last year – my very first and very intimidating/overwhelming blog conference experience. I’m happy to say this year was a million times more fun and useful! Partly because I knew more what to expect and had been working on my shyness factor; partly because this year covered ALL SORTS of business/blog/DIY topics, not just fashion, and […]

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Come Say Hi at TxSC!

  This weekend I’ll be attending (and volunteering at!) the Texas Style Council conference. I’m pretty excited about it, and just a smidge nervous because, hello, introvert. But I went last year, so I know more what to expect, and know some girls attending, so it’s already that much less nerve-wracking. That being said, part of the reason behind going to a conference is to network and meet people, so please come say hi! I’ve been told by some now-close friends that I come off as a bit aloof upon first meeting, but that’s just my introverted-ness and suckiness at […]

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TxSC Full Recap

Day 1 – Friday The TxSC corner at Taverna for happy hour was already full by the time I battled my way through traffic to parking, but I got a free drink and chatted up some fun ladies. This is where I first met Haley, Chelle, D’Andra, and Emily, all of whom are fabulous and I hung out with more later that weekend. I talked to Haley without recognizing her for a few minutes, even though I’ve read her blog for awhile now. D’oh. And it was nice finally meeting up with Emily, who lives here in Round Rock with […]

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TxSC Mini Recap

Things I learned from my experience at this weekend’s TxSC blogger conference: It’s harder to recognize bloggers in person based on their outfit photos/the picture in their sidebar than I had anticipated. I am still really bad at small talk and approaching people I don’t know to talk. I’m not trying to be unfriendly/unsociable, I promise. 2 hours is about my limit for really crowded, really loud parties. Then I go into sensory overload and need to get OUT. Even if you know DST is kicking in and you’re losing an hour, set a reminder! Otherwise you WILL still forget […]

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