Engagement Photos

We got our photos back from the engagement photo shoot we did back in April! The weather cooperated in a lovely way, and we caught the bluebonnets at the perfect time- we went back the next weekend and they were already gone. We’d never had any actual family photos taken, so we decided to work Sienna into some of the shots, too (shout-out to Kara for wrangling the pup when she wasn’t in the shot!). I’m happy to say her training seems to be helping, as she actually did really well. And the photos turned out really well! Take a gander:

Photos at McKinney Falls State Park, by Johnny Quattlebaum / George Street Photo.














There are more of course; we got 200 photos back. But that would be a super photo-heavy post, so I just picked my favorite ones.

What do you think? Did you do an engagement photo shoot before you got married? Did you include your pet? 🙂

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The Canyon & the Ring

This Christmas, we went to visit the boy’s family in Arizona, and got to do a little side trip to see the Grand Canyon at the same time. It was my first time seeing it, and the experience did not disappoint! It was just Ian and me for the side trip. The canyon is about a 4 hour drive from where his parents live. The first afternoon we got there was around 50 degrees, nice and sunny but super windy. We walked around and took in the views before the light died completely. I got to play around with my […]

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