Joining up with the lovely Noël for the Love It/Hate It link-up.



I love cold refreshing beverages and ice cream and milkshakes.
I hate the brain freeze headache I usually get from consuming them too fast.

I love doing design work.
I hate that I sometimes have to ruin it in bowing to client demands in order to still get a paycheck.

I love reading.
I hate reading a really great book only to realize the rest of the series isn’t published yet.

I love trying new recipes out in the kitchen.
I hate when the totally fail and I’m left hungry, needing to cook another [edible] meal.

I love getting packages and real letters in the mail.
I hate junk mail.

I love flying.
I hate that I have to do so in a plane. I want wings of my own.

I love rain at night when I’m trying to sleep – very soothing.
I hate rain during the day when I need to be out and about and driving.

I love clothes.
I hate the completely inconsistent sizing in women’s clothes from brand to brand.

I love living with Ian and being with him.
I hate the ridiculous hours Samsung makes him work.

I love my family.
I hate that they are scattered around the country and far away.

I love lacy things.
I hate that they snag and fray so easily.

I love working for myself.
I hate the irregularity of paychecks.

I love dragons.
I hate that they are not real. How could would it be if they were?

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